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"Error Loading Heidi Module"

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06-02-2010 11:51 AM
Well, I've got an odd issue I cannot quite figure out...

I've installed DWGTrueView 2011 on one of our computers, and everything works fine within the administrator profile and a test user account. However, when the actual user logs in and attempts to open a .dwg file, we get an odd message. I've attached a screenshot.
"Error Loading Heidi Module - C:\Program Files\Autodesk\DWG Trueview 2011\drv\\acaddm10.hdi"
This message occurs the user attempts to open a file, or whenever attempting to change the view on an already open file. After clicking "OK", a second error message pops up; "The configured Heidi driver cannot be loaded. Switching to default software driver." After clicking "OK" a second time, and running through these two messages about twice, the file then opens properly.

We use XP, fully patched, on a Dell business machine. I don't think it's a hardware problem as we have the program installed and running flawlessly on an identical machine. Instead, I'm suspecting a configuration file corruption somewhere... I've uninstalled the program, and reinstalled it, several different ways. I've also deleted the program files stored in the document folder, as well as the registry entries, in an attempt to fix this problem. No results, still throws errors from this user profile, even if it's running/installing as an admin.

I thought it was funny that the viewer was looking for the "Heidi Module" in a path with double-backslashes... I'm thinking that's the cause of all the problems. " . . . DWG TrueView 2008\Drv\\ . . ." just doesn't look right.

I'd appreciate any hints/tips/solutions, as I cannot solve this one.
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Re: "Error Loading Heidi Module"

06-07-2010 06:09 AM in reply to: FroogleDude

User requires local admin log-in in WIndows as a minimum.

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Re: "Error Loading Heidi Module"

06-15-2010 11:04 AM in reply to: pendean

So what would be the answer if I'm the administrator?




Edit:  I just turned off Hardware Acceleration and all is fine.

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Re: "Error Loading Heidi Module"

07-21-2011 03:17 AM in reply to: JeffreyThompson3363



can you explain more in details what "hardware acceleration" you disabled ? where ? how ?



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Re: "Error Loading Heidi Module"

11-16-2011 11:52 AM in reply to: FroogleDude

I am having a similar issue with Autodesk DWG 2011. I am getting the message the configured Heidi driver cannot be loaded.  Switching to default software driver.


Once the client clicks the "ok" button they are able to continue.


Some of my clients have dual monitors and this is where they are getting the error message when they launch the program.  I am not getting the error message on workstation with a single monitor.


I have given admin access and change the hardware acceleration as well and still getting the pop up.

We have also re-built the workstation with the most updated drivers.


Any suggestions would be great.



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Re: "Error Loading Heidi Module"

11-18-2011 02:30 PM in reply to: Catherine7033

I found the only way to stop the warning from coming up each time is to disable the harware accelleration.  It's an icon (lower right corner) of an integrated circuit, with a lightbulb beside it (beside the lock icon).  This applied to both 2011 and the 2012 installs.


I don't notice anything different from the previous install on an old machine and the new laptop was supposed to be a "workstation" (EliteBook 8730w).  Not sure why the hardware accelleration doesn't actually work though.

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Re: "Error Loading Heidi Module"

05-24-2012 09:30 AM in reply to: FroogleDude

Turn Off the Hardware acceleration works for me to remove the error message.  its weird that hardware acceleration does not work with Duel monitor.

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Re: "Error Loading Heidi Module"

05-24-2012 11:04 AM in reply to: FroogleDude

Just an update to mention that the same issue exists for ACAD Electrical 2013, where you must disable hardware acceleration to eliminate the bothersome error message.

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Re: "Error Loading Heidi Module"

06-11-2012 10:50 AM in reply to: FroogleDude

I have just tried to upgrade from Trueview 2011 on an XP desktop to 2013 64 bit on a Win7 64 bit desktop and get the Heidi message whether the accelerator is on or off. Problem is I can open the cad file but there is no dialog box associoated with the measuring tool and so I can measure but get no answers....

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Re: "Error Loading Heidi Module"

11-28-2012 12:32 PM in reply to: FroogleDude

Does anyone know how to turn off Hardware Acceleration for all users during or after installation by using a registry key or an .ini setting?

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