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printing files silently from c++ application using DWG TrueView

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02-10-2014 01:23 AM

Hi all,


sorry if I'm posting into wrong forum.


I'm trying to automate DWG TrueView to print my files using my c++ application. I noticed that it comes with COM interface.

here is my code:


CLSID clsid;

lHr = CLSIDFromProgID(_T("AutoCAD.Application.19"), &clsid);

if(FAILED(lHr)) throw(0);

IDispatchPtr lApplicationDisp;

lHr = lApplicationDisp.CreateInstance(clsid);


Looks like I got the right clsid, but CreateInstance hangs for a while and then returns "Server execution failed" error. Do you know why? Is that even possible to do?





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