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Exporting DWG to pdf causes error

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06-21-2012 09:56 AM

Application version is DWG Trueview 2013.


We are using to convert DWG files into pdf files. This will be provided to users who will be sent the files in DWG form. The conversion is successful but a error window pops up everytime and is enough of annoyance I need to figure out how to keep it from happening.


The error is "DWG Trueview cannot find an application to view DWF files. Click on the link below to download the free Autodesk Design Review" It occurs when I choose Export > PDF. Downloading Autodesk Design is not a solution for me as it requires additional cost and work on my end to prep the application for deployment for a file type we are neither trying to convert or view.


I found one other thread on this issue but it does appear to been answered there.




Any help that can be provided on this issue would be appreciated.



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