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Dimension Lines

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04-20-2011 01:37 PM

 Hello all was wondering if someone could help me out with small issue. I was using the 2011 DWG True view program and upgraded to the 2012 and now the Dimension lines are no longer showing on screen, was wondering if anyone know how to turn this feature back on. In the 2011 version when i would do a measurement between two points it would hold that line on screen and show the dimension and you would have to click exit to remove the line. Now in the 2012 version when i do a measurement between two points the lines no longer on screen and it only show dimensions at bottom of screen in Command window. Any help with this would greatly be appreciated it was a very helpful feature when measuring between line that are close because you could verify you have selected the correct location, but now have to measure two or three time to verify you get same dimension to ensure correct location has been selected.


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