Screened Colors Plotting Solid

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09-15-2003 07:39 AM
Whenever I plot a DWF all of my color 219 (color=black screening=0 in my
ctb) objects turn out solid black instead of a non-plotting screen. The
objects look fine in Autocad Viewer and in Internet Explorer, but when they
come out on any of our plotters it is wrong.

I've noticed that any of the colors we have specified as screened, even if
it is above 0% come out black.

-Autodesk Land Desktop 2004
-I've tried the regular DWF6 driver and the new AutodeskDWFWriter Beta 2
driver with the same results
-Plotters include an HP1050c, Ricoh FW7030D, and also tried on an HP 8550

Thanks for any help.
*Saadallah, Dean
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Re: Screened Colors Plotting Solid

09-16-2003 03:07 AM in reply to: *Mark
I suspect your plotter driver is set to plot everything 'all black'. Change

Dean Saadallah
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