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Problems plotting DWF's & printing to file (Converting to PDF)

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03-13-2012 03:45 PM

I am using Auto Desk Design Review 2012 viewing a DWF. I am trying to print to both a Canon ipf710 & ipf8300 (both non Post Script printers). When i send it to the printers its shrinks the image to an 8 1/2 x 11, when i try and print it to file (convert it to a PDF for easier printing) it either turns my file into one single 8 1/2 x 11 or makes it a binder of 30 8 1/2 by 11's cropping out sections of the drawing. I am positive i am printing it at full scale, correct paper size, and to the correct printers. I have tried 4 different PDF converters with all the same sizing issues. I downloaded a DWF to DWG converter and tried that but it threw all the colors on the drawing off, made line weight changes, and I experienced font substitution issues.

I called my Canon rep and his only solution was to either buy another P.S. printer or buy the full version of AutoCad cause it has a "HI driver?" He told me the DWF is not a standard graphic file and it is having a communication issue with my printer and that is why it is not printing correctly.

I have asked on multiple different forums across the web and i can not seem to find a solution to this problem. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Auto Desk, I have downloaded the "Hotfix/Service Pack" and none of this has worked.

If anyone has any information or possible solutions please let me know!!!

Thank you.


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Re: Problems plotting DWF's & printing to file (Converting to PDF)

03-15-2012 05:52 AM in reply to: jkarbo

Post your DWF and a screenshot of your print pop-up inside ADR.

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