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Isolating or renaming individual lines in .dwf image?

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04-13-2011 04:48 AM

Hello all,

I use AutoCAD 2008, I've never really used dwf files so this is a bit new to me.

I have a request at work to produce 2D drawings of a marine vessels GA, then this image will be imported into our in-house SCADA package to be used to display battle damage.

The development guys need the file in a .dwf, not a problem, but they need to isolate every area and give it a specific name/ID.

If you reference the attached .pdf image.

If there where a situation in area#1 then the outside lines of this area and the lines of partition#1 & #3 would need to be selected or isolated as these lines  together create the area which is in a problem. But then on top of that because area#2 is next to partition#3 it would have to recognized that the right side of area#' as being at risk, but not yet involving partition#2 as it is not in contact with area#1.

I can export any drawing to a .dwf and notice that the file brings in the different layers I have created, then breaks those layers down into the individual lines or polylines. 

Is there any way of editing the information that is exported within AutoCAD so that they can be grouped, i.e.. give each line an identity : - area#1top, area#1bottom, area#1port, area#1stbd etc for area#1 box.

The only other way I have though of doing this is to create a layer for each individual line, which will be a tough job.

Can anyone help or suggest another way.


Thank you for you time 


Kind regards.





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Re: Isolating or renaming individual lines in .dwf image?

04-18-2011 06:35 PM in reply to: AhhhhDanielson

Thank you for your question.


It seems AutoCAD DWF publisher related. I suggest you post this in the AutoCAD Discussion Forum so that those experts can help you directly.

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Re: Isolating or renaming individual lines in .dwf image?

04-19-2011 05:51 AM in reply to: AhhhhDanielson

You can group your geometry inside AutoCAD blocks. This will make the objects available inside the viewer program (Autodesk Design Review) if you publish your DWFs with object properties included.

The block names which you assign can be used by the Design Review API as object references for selecting and highlighting the damaged areas on your vessel.

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