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Incorrect coordinate geometry in dwfx

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08-06-2012 10:51 AM

Hi everyone,


I have a problem extracting dwg coordinate geometry from a dwfx file.


Using as an example the W2Dtest sample and the Read2DDWFxFile.cpp file, I get all the Whip coordinates.


For example:


2147467780, 8657

2147468114, 9319


I read in this topic that the coordinates appear correct:




But when I  try to convert this coordinates to the original AutoCAD DWG coordinates, using first:


WT_Matrix xform3d( pGraphicsRes->transform() );
DWFToolkit::smileyvery-happy:WFPaper *pPaper( pEPlotSxn->paper() );
WT_Matrix2D xform;
xform(0,0) = xform3d(0,0);
xform(1,0) = xform3d(1,0);
xform(0,1) = xform3d(0,1);
xform(1,1) = xform3d(1,1);
xform(2,0) = xform3d(3,0);
xform(2,1) = xform3d(3,1);

XAMLFile->definePageLayout(xform, pPaper->width(), pPaper->height(),
pPaper->units() == DWFToolkit::smileyvery-happy:WFPaper::eMillimeters ? .03937 : 1.0 );



and then for each point:


WT_Point3D correctCoord = units.transform_from_DWF_to_application(newPoint); 



i get coordinates like this:


2142.55, 1011.14

2143.25, 1012.54


where I should be getting coordinates like this:


4543646.5803, 9.195

4545674.8390, 8.498



Any ideia what i'm doing wrong? Am I missing something? Any help is appreciated.





Pedro Cruz

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Re: Incorrect coordinate geometry in dwfx

08-10-2012 03:09 AM in reply to: PedroUdjat



I noticed that the the matrix that I get from WT_Units:

WT_Matrix original = units.application_to_dwf_transform();


have some correct values, and some other strange values like 2,89e-14. Is this normal? I could alter the values in the transformation matrix but I don't think that is the correct approach.


And i should be using units.transform_from_DWF_to_application(), not units.application_to_dwf_transform(), because I want the original DWG coordinates, but the output coordinates makes even less sense.


Any ideas? I'm really at a loss here.




Pedro Cruz.




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