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DWF Toolkit 7.6 works incorrectly on Linux 64bit

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02-28-2011 11:46 PM



I have a problem with parsing W2D file. When I try to read objects by function process_next_object() some first opcodes read correctly (these opcodes are ASCII and Extended_Ascii), but next opcode reading failed with error "WT_Result::Corrupt_File_Error".


Call Stack:

WT_File::read ... at file.cpp:2846]

WT_String::materialize ... at wtstring.cpp:463]

WT_Text::materialize ... at text.cpp:292]

WT_File::get_next_object ... at file.cpp:1578]

WT_File::smileytongue:rocess_next_object ... at file.cpp:1530]

mainW2DComponentsExtraction::ExtractMainW2DComponents ... at src/MainW2DComponentsExtraction.cpp:25]


Sample of project is attached. Need to change path to DWF Toolkit in "Include Directories".


Any idea? Is it bug in DWF Toolkit?

Some comments

My operating system is Ubuntu 10.10 64bit. I compiled library independently (don't use binary files).

I try to use DWF Toolkit on Ubuntu 32bit and all is good. Document is parsed without any problem.

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Re: DWF Toolkit 7.6 works incorrectly on Linux 64bit

03-22-2011 01:21 PM in reply to: timofeyT



I haven't looked at your smaple project, however I have compiled a project that uses the toolkit on 64 bit Ubuntu (10.10).


Please clarify what you have already done (eg. if my understanding is correct):

- You downloaded the toolkit :smileyhappy:

- You read the build instructions in the build folders

- You used the ./configure command then built the toolkit (eg. you built yourself and "didn't use the binary"

- You're linking the toolkit you built to your project

- It crashes during processing of 2d


If this is the case, can you also attach the file you're trying to process?


Gyuri Ordody


Gyuri Ordody
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Re: DWF Toolkit 7.6 works incorrectly on Linux 64bit

10-26-2011 10:51 PM in reply to: ordodyg

Gyuri Ordody,

Sorry for late response, 64-bit app version was in low priority, but now priority is high.


All steps of the your checklist are done. DWF Toolkit starts parse W2D file (GraphicResource), but after reading first ASCII opcodes, I get the result WT_Result::Unsupported_DWF_Opcode.


I suggest the reason in reading file by bytes, possible origin is wrong.


I attached the drawing file. And I hope for your help.



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