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I have what may be a silly question but one I have to ask all the same.


I am a web developer. I am working on a project where we have created a simplified drawing tool that allows for creating what could be called a mechanical drawing. Without going into too much detail - it usess JavaScript and Drag and Drop to allow the user to create a drawing using images of specific parts and custom labels. To create what is essentially a mechanical drawing of a system.


My question is this: Is there a library or server side program that would allow me to take the set of images and their coordinates and output a DWG or DWF file to the user? That would then be editiable in AutoCad on the a users system..


Keeping in mind the user submitting the drawing and the user exporting the CAD file are 2 different people. The one creating the file is NOT a CAD operator and the the one exporting the file IS a CAD operator.


Thanks so much for any information on this.

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