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Windows 98 Viewer Problem

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03-14-2003 07:21 AM
I have recently downloaded and installed Autodesk Express Viewer on several different types of machines to test it out with a web application we have. The application has been re-written to use AEV rather than VV. All of the machines work fine except for the Windows 98 machines. The web application we have basically displays a list of .dwf files that the user can pick on then displays the .dwf file at the botton of the page in the viewer. When the user scrolls down the page to see the viewer area the problem starts. Once the viewer is displayed the image in the viewer takes over the entire screen. Then as I scroll up/down it just partially displays the image all over the left side of the screen. If I scroll to the top of the page were the viewer is not displayed, minimize the screen, then maximize the screen everything displays correctly - until I scroll back down the page into the viewer area. There do not appear to be any error messages in the Browser. All of the Win98 machines have Internet Explorer 5.5 installed on them. If I open AEV outside of the web and view a drawing everything works OK.

Obviously I could get rid of Windows 98, but I was wondering if anybody else has seen this problem and/or has any ideas what might be causing this.

Thanks, Mark
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Re: Windows 98 Viewer Problem

03-16-2003 11:38 PM in reply to: Mark123
I have what looks like the same problem using W98.

I have a Web page with frames that lists DWF files in the left hand frame, and loads the DWFs in the centre frame, with additional details on the DWF loaded into a bottom frame.

If I scroll the bottom frame I get the same problems as you described.

I found that if my bottom frame was using the tag, then I got this problem. I changed to the heading

tag and it seems ok.

BUT, I do get almost constant Explorer errors now when using this new Express version, which means all my IE sessions are closed, it is the Ingore or Close error.

Anyone getting any of these errors?


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03-17-2003 02:03 AM in reply to: Mark123
I thought the problem might be related somehow to the frames, so I created a simple one page web that has AEV on it. I still get the problem - though in testing there have been some rare cases when I do not get the problem.
*Saadallah, Dean
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Re: Windows 98 Viewer Problem

03-17-2003 03:47 AM in reply to: Mark123
Win98/ME support is rapidly running out for lots of reasons, you just found

Dean Saadallah
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Re: Windows 98 Viewer Problem

03-17-2003 10:12 AM in reply to: Mark123
This sounds like a video card driver issue. Try turning down hardware acceleration (right click Desktop>>Properties>>Settings>>Advanced or somewhere in there) one notch at a time, trying EV each time to see if it helps.
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