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Hybrid Inventor/Autocad 2D Drawings Do Not Display Correctly In Design Review

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09-14-2010 06:06 AM

I am using AIS 2010 with Design Review 2011.  Here's the scenario:


  1. In Inventor 2010, I created a 2D mechanical drawing of a part I designed in Inventor.  This is electrical in nature so a 2D electrical schematic is required to be shown on the same drawing sheet.
  2. I saved the drawing.  Closed it.  I Opened the drawing in Autocad 2D and created an electrical schematic right next to the original view.  The electrical schematic is drawn on the same ANSI (Visible) layer as the original view of the part.
  3. Save the AutoCAD 2D drawing.  Close it.  Reopen in Inventor 2010. 
  4. All views are visible and drawing is correct.  Select, "Export>Send DWF" and attach dwf to e-mail.  Send the file or just view the attachment in Autodesk Design Review. 
  5. At this point, I noticed that the electrical schematic that was created in AutoCAD 2D 2010 is not visible in the DWF.  I have sent this drawing to another person that does not have Inventor and he opened it in the viewer and could not see the electrical schematic either.

Is this a known bug?



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Re: Hybrid Inventor/Autocad 2D Drawings Do Not Display Correctly In Design Revie

09-16-2010 10:30 PM in reply to: mrm01

Thank you for your question.


I cannot reproduce this issue.


Could you please attach the DWF file which can reproduce this problem for us to investigate in more detail?

Leon Li
SQA Engineer
Autodesk, Inc.

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