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HATCH a room made up of POLYLINE and VERTEX

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02-09-2010 07:43 AM
Hi all,

We have a problem statement to highlight a room (occupied by an employee) on the floor plan made up in AutoCAD drawing (.DWG).
We have to do it in a web application which is developed in J2EE (Java, Servlets and JSPs)

To highlight the room, we are doing the following process:

1) Converting the .DWG file to .DXF file
2) Parsing the file for the room definition
3) Modifying the DXF file with HATCHING code (Adding new layer, adding HATCH with coordinates scanned from the room)
4) Converting the modified file to .DWF format to display that with a DWF viewer embedded in a web page.

The process is working fine with rooms made up of LWPOLYLINE, but it is not working with rooms made up of POLYLINE and VERTEX Entities. We have tried various approaches to HATCH the location, but the DXF file simply not showing it up.

We have also verified that the layer on which the HATCH is being added should be ON. The layer is on but the HATCH is still not visible.

Can someone help us in identifying the step by step process of adding a HATCH for rooms made up of POLYLINE and VERTEX entities?

You can mail me on dhiraj.motgahre@gmail.com for any other details needed.

Any type of help/guidance is highly appreciated and will be of great help to us.

Thanks in advance.
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