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GDI leak in the ECompositeViewer Control

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02-24-2010 07:27 AM

I have a problem with the ECompositeViewer Control. When I create the ECompositeViewer, attach it to the control and destroy the control, then my application doesn't release the GDI handles. I've tried it with a simple MFC application which does only instantiate and destroy the ECompositeViewer. Here is an example how I do it.

void CMapViewerMFCDlg::smileysurprised:nBnClickedButtonCreate()
CWnd *pWnd = GetDlgItem(IDC_STATIC_PlaceHolder);
CRect rcControl;
pWnd->MapWindowPoints(this, rcControl);

CLSID clsidControl;
VERIFY( SUCCEEDED(::CLSIDFromString(_T("{2D65BB9F-FB1B-444D-AC3A-CD7070147CC7}"), &clsidControl)));
VERIFY( m_Control.CreateControl(clsidControl, _T("Test"), WS_VISIBLE, rcControl, this, 99) );

void CMapViewerMFCDlg::smileysurprised:nBnClickedButton2Delete()
if (::IsWindow(m_Control.GetSafeHwnd()))
COleControlSite* pSite = GetOleControlSite(99);


Is it a known issue or do I something wrong?
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Re: GDI leak in the ECompositeViewer Control

03-04-2010 11:59 PM in reply to: bondarei

Thank you for reporting this problem.
There is currently a defect logged already. We will consider fixing it in future release.

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