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ERROR (0x642:internal error)

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07-27-2009 08:45 AM
Cuando quiero instalar el DWF Viewer, me sale ese error, alguien me puede orientar como hacer para solucionarlo.
Daniel Frias
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Re: ERROR (0x642:internal error)

08-04-2009 01:09 AM in reply to: ingfrias
I have the same error... While installing Autodesk Design Review 2010, the error "DWF TrueView (0x643: Internal Error)" appears... What could we do?
*Dean Saadallah
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Re: ERROR (0x642:internal error)

08-04-2009 05:41 AM in reply to: ingfrias
Grab a freebie called REVO UNINSTALLER, use it's most aggressive setting to
remove your old version of ADR and any signs of the new one. Also get and
use a Windows Registry Cleaner (if you have other Autodesk products, be
prepared to reinstall them).

Restart Windows, try a new install.

"0x643: Internal Error" is a Windows system problem related to the Registry
from what I understand.

Dean Saadallah
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Re: ERROR (0x642:internal error)

10-13-2009 10:17 AM in reply to: ingfrias
I can confirm that Design Review 2010 doesn't install with Vista Business x64 with Inventor Suite 2009 installed. Downloaded the installer from http://www.autodesk.com/designreview-download and at first VB 2008 C++ runtime failed with 0x642 internal error. A manual download and install of VB 2008 C++ runtime resolved that error but now install fails with Design Review 2010 0x642 internal error. Removed True View 2009 and Design Review 2009 from Windows Add/Remove Programs and the error persists. Had to give up and reinstall Design Review 2009 from http://download.autodesk.com/esd/designreview/SetupDesignReview2009.exe just to get back to work. Very disappointing.
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Re: ERROR (0x642:internal error)

10-26-2009 08:24 PM in reply to: ingfrias
Thank you for your question.

Please uninstall ADR 2009, and make sure the following two Autodesk Design Review folders are empty,

[%ProgramFile%]\Autodesk\Autodesk Design Review
[%CommonProgramFiles%]\Autodesk Shared\DWF Common
If there are files remaining, please delete the contents of those two folders.

Then install ADR 2010.

For more details, please refer to http://discussion.autodesk.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=726759&tstart=0

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

- Kenny

Kenny Guo
SW Engineer
Autodesk, Inc.

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Re: ERROR (0x642:internal error)

11-11-2009 11:06 AM in reply to: ingfrias
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11-23-2009 08:05 AM in reply to: ingfrias
Thanks guok for your help, but it turns out I had a different problem. I uninstalled ADR 2009 and the mentioned folders were not present. I again tried to install ADR 2010 using the online installer (from http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/index?id=12423405&siteID=123112). That again failed with 0x642 for the visual basic runtimes (which i manually installed). I then downloaded the offline installer (from http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/item?siteID=123112&id=10336080) and it told me the visual basic runtimes were missing (but I manually installed..?). After re-reading the help (from http://download.autodesk.com/esd/designreview/2010/ADR_Install_Guide.htm) it mentioned downloading the vb runtimes and provided links to microsoft's website for the x86 versions. I assumed that i needed the x64 versions for my 64-bit computer but after installing the x86 versions, the offline installer worked fine.

So I guess using x86 vb-runtimes and using the offline installer works. (Haven't tried the online installer with x86 vb-runtimes pre-installed, but I'm guessing maybe the online installer is trying to install the x64 versions? and results in the 0x642 error? (just a guess)).
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