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DWFToolkit-7.6:PublishMetadata example problem.

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09-02-2010 05:53 AM



        I am using DWFToolkit-7.6 to study , how to create DWF files.

        I am using "PublishMetadata" example in vc++ , given in DWFToolkit-7.6.

        I am able to build it successfully, but when I run the code, it give me error at following lines of code.


      pModel->publish( rPublisher ) in

     DWFModel* createModel( DWFPublisher& rPublisher, DWFContent* pContent, bool


      bCompressAll ) function as "Unhandled exception at 0x0040bf70 in PublishMetadata.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000."


      Error image is attached with the post.


      Can anyone provide me the solution to solve this error or can suggest the good example to study

      the DWF creation from examples given with DWFToolKit 7.6




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Re: DWFToolkit-7.6:PublishMetadata example problem.

09-08-2010 01:35 AM in reply to: pratap.thorat

Thank you for your questions.


The sample code runs all right on my machine, so could you please send more information for me to research.

  1. Does only the “PublishMetadata” have error when running? Have you test other DWFToolkit samples?
  2. What the VS version and OS version you test?
  3. Could you please send the call stack (end at the error code: pModel->publish(rPublisher))? 


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