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10-12-2010 01:20 PM

Can someone please explain the differences between DWF and DWFx or at least point me to a site that has the explanation.


I have created a DWF and DWFx file from AutoCAD 2011.  The DWF file is text searchable but the DWFx is not.

All of our drawings use RomanS.shx and RomanD.shx.


I have seen that DWFx is a newer format of DWF, but does that mean DWF will be eventually dropped?



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Re: DWF vs DWFx

10-13-2010 06:06 AM in reply to: donjacobsen

Any extension you see with a small x on the end of it is new and has a lot to do with being able to see the content of the file in core Windows 7 (and Vista with the XPS viewer installed I believe).

This started with MSOffice2007 (docx for example, I am sure you've seen them) and you will see it more and more with many other apps.


DWFx is the same thing: eventually we will all be exchanging DWFx and all be using some form of Win7/8/10/12 and no longer need to find and download an app just to see the content of the file.


SHX fonts are a dying breed, painfully limited to only AutoCAD users and no one else on the planet. Consider moving to core TTF fonts eventually.


No idea about dropping DWF but I suspect "eventually" as Windows XP and Windows Vista go the way of WinNT4 and Win2000. Wait for official response if any staffer dares :smileyhappy:


My 2cents worth in simplistic terms.

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Re: DWF vs DWFx

10-13-2010 08:43 AM in reply to: pendean

Thanks for the good explanation Dean.


We have been using AutoCad since R9.  So I learned how to customize the SHP files to add certain characters that were not available back then such as CenterLine symbols, Plate Symbols, Deltas, Ohms, etc.

We have created thousands of drawings since then all using the Romans SHX font.

So converting to TT could be a problem.


We have been using Adobe Pro's PDFMaker to create text searchable PDF's from our drawings.

We provide PDF files for station wide viewing of our drawings.

Adobe is the only PDF creator that can create searchable PDF's with drawings containing SHX fonts.  But Adobe is very slow at upgrading their software and they do not support AutoCAD 2010 or 2011 yet.

I am in the process of changing our method of providing text searchable files by going to DWF.


It appears DWF is text searchable but DWFx is not.  Which is really odd, I don't know why this functionality would disappear in a newer version.

So I'll probably proceed down the DWF route for our station wide viewing and that will give us text search capability.


Thanks again,



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