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DWF's aren't printing all the information

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02-22-2010 02:06 AM

I've just encountered a problem were my dwf's aren't printing all the information (one or 2 layers/colours are missing from the dwg, and it's not specific either some items on the same layer did and didn't print regardless of colour, in otherwords completely random by the looks of it, from where I plotted the dwf, however there are no layers/colours on the dwf) I need them to print on a HP T610. I've printed it to another printer and it prints fine. I've updated the printer's (T610) firmware, drivers and printer utility (the problem started before I updated everything), plotted the dwf again and again and still the same problem. Reinstalled the dwf viewer, didn't help. Down graded the dwf viewer and that didn't help. However when I plot the same thing to pdf from the dwg, it prints everything. The only thing I haven't done is reinstall the dwf plotter, but that means reinstalling AutoCAD, but this wouldn't make sense, since I can print the same dwf to another printer fine.

I'm lost....
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Re: DWF's aren't printing all the information

02-26-2010 01:06 AM in reply to: kief
Thank you for your question.

Please try to print your DWF files with the option "Turn data into bitmap before printing" in Advanced Print Options Dialog.

Please let me know if this cannot help.


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