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Cannot Launch Design Review '09 or '10 within IE, via a proxy

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08-27-2010 04:55 AM

We have design review 2010 installed on all our PC's on a corporate network. About 50% of our PC's are unable to launch the software at all -> if you click on the start menu shortcut nothing happens (the process does not appear in the task manager). The other half can launch the app, but it takes some time to open.


I have refereed to http://dwf.blogs.com/beyond_the_paper/2009/11/disable-autoupdate-for-autodesk-design-review-2010.htm... for the latter issue, but we do not have both registry keys (HKEY_CURRENT_USER Missing).


The main problem we have, is that when we open DWF files from an internet site, and the app launches with an IE window (we run IE6), it will appear to hang, and then a prompt from our proxy server will appear after several minutes. No matter which credentials we enter, we get an error (timeout).


I installed design review 2009 on several machines to test this version, and expereinced the same problems  (even after editing the registry). The only thing that resolves the issue is by not setting IE to use our proxy.


As we need the security of our proxy server this is not an option. Is there an Autodesk DWF viewer that we can install which does not check for updates, or at least is able to bypass proxy authentication?

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Re: Cannot Launch Design Review '09 or '10 within IE, via a proxy

09-07-2010 12:58 AM in reply to: scott.ewing

Thank you for your question. 

The request to disable auto-update has been recorded in the wishlist and will be considered for possible inclusion in future releases.

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Re: Cannot Launch Design Review '09 or '10 within IE, via a proxy

10-22-2010 09:45 AM in reply to: herbert.he

We too are having issues with ADR 2010 and IE7. I have checked the reg keys as listed above and they are set as stated they should be. I can open a DWF file from IE but only on my local hard drive. If I attempt to open one on the company intranet all I get is a blank page with an error. ADR 2010 runs fine otherwise, we just cannot get it to open up DWF's on a webpage in the browser.

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Re: Cannot Launch Design Review '09 or '10 within IE, via a proxy

10-25-2010 12:12 PM in reply to: scott.ewing

Did you try adding your internal site to your Trusted Sites in the browser options?

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