Drafting Techniques

Drafting Techniques

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Realworld Coordinates vs Plant or Arbitrary Coordinates

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10-11-2012 10:40 AM

This is my first post in this discussion group. First I was wondering if there was a way to do a POLL and have users vote on a topic? Second I was wondering how most of you do your drawings (models). Specifically if you generally use Realworld coordinates, Plant coordinates, start at 0,0,0  or arbitrarily strat drawing where ever?


This is not ment as a judgement, just wondering how most companies operate.  I know that if a client has a plant coordinate system and requires the Engineering Company to use it, that is what we do, but if the client does not request a specific coordinate system what is your company's prefered technique?



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Re: Realworld Coordinates vs Plant or Arbitrary Coordinates

10-11-2012 01:38 PM in reply to: mcisco2012

That soley depends on the type of drawing your working on.


All civil type drawings use real world coordinates.


Plant drawings use plant coordinates. They will specify thier own 0,0.




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Re: Realworld Coordinates vs Plant or Arbitrary Coordinates

10-15-2012 08:00 AM in reply to: mcisco2012

It's probably worth noting that any and all coordinate systems are arbitrary in nature, and none of them reflect the 'real world'.  After all, the real world is not a plane that can be described in terms of X, Y, & Z, nor is is a simple spere, rather it's a shape that AutoCAD products cannot accurately and correctly deal with.  If would be more honest for Civil3d and Map3D to be named Civil+z and Map+sorta-Z


There are, however, consensus coordinate systems - widely agreed upon and officially recognized that are the closest equivalent to a real worl system, and eminently appropriate for locating facilities in relation to each other and the remainder of the planet.


In the US, we generally utilize a State Plane Coordinate system - Florida for example, uses three different planes (North, East, and West) and the appropriate one to use depends on the location of the project.   other jurisdictions have equivalent systems. 

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