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Autocad, MS SharePoint Workspace and Xref problem

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06-05-2012 03:28 PM



This question is for those of you, who is using or trying to use MS SharePoint Workspace 2010 for collaboration between different offices/teams working on same projects or AutoCAD files.


The great thing with this Workspace is to be able to double-click on a DWG file in the Workspace and automatically open in AutoCAD. Then after saving the file it gets automatically synchronized with SharePoint.

However there is one problem. If you double-click & open a DWG file that has Xrefs in it, you get the error window "missing xrefs". Even if you have relative path xrefs, still AutoCAD is not able to read the folder structure of the SharePoint.


Does anyone know any solution for this Xref problem ? I wonder if there is any workaround, rather than spending big bucks to purchase 3rd party software.

We are trying to find an easy-to-use and non-expensive way to collaborate between our different office locations, with one of the main goals being the following: when a person opens a DWG or any other (e.g.. Office document) file from some central location (sharepoint/cloud/etc.), then if another person tries to open the same file, he/she gets notified that it is currently being worked on by "username".

I researched Autodesk 360, AutoCAD WS, and a few other ways, but it looks like MS SharePoint Workspace 2010 is the best option, except the Xref problem.


I'd appreciate much your thoughts or suggestions, especially if you are trying to establish the same thing.

Thank you!

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Re: Autocad, MS SharePoint Workspace and Xref problem

06-06-2012 05:57 AM in reply to: hhakobyan

Trying to combine " easy-to-use and non-expensive" with AutoCAD software in particular, and CAD software in general, doesn't work out that well.  And XREFs are onky the start of it -- attached image files, PDF, dwg, Civl3d shortcuts, datalinks, SheetSet Manger .DST files - all add huge levels of complexity to a solution that cannot be solved easily or cheaply.


Best bet, if you want it to work instead of failing, is to investigate EDMS products that are designed and were expressly defeloped to work with CAD.  Once someone has solved the CAD related issues, handling the MSOffice and standalone documents is a trivial exercise.


While there are a lot of options, I'd personally start with Adept, from synergis Software.  (No financial interest, just a lot of time invested in the problems of CAD collaboration)

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Re: Autocad, MS SharePoint Workspace and Xref problem

06-19-2012 11:18 AM in reply to: JGerth

Thanks a lot JGerth,

I hear you. I can see "a lot of time invested in the problems of CAD collaboration" behind your response.

I was hoping someone may have found, somehow, an "easy-to-use and non-expensive" way :smileyhappy:


Regarding your suggestion of Adept, can you say that this one is relatively easy-to-use ? What I mean is that very often some team members are not that computer savvy...

Have you heard about or tested Cadac Organice Explorer ?


Anyone else with suggestions or experience sharing ?

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Re: Autocad, MS SharePoint Workspace and Xref problem

04-05-2013 10:13 AM in reply to: hhakobyan

Great question. I'm having the same problem with Autocad not being able to see the Sharepoint server for xref attachments.


I can see the server (under Network Places), but cannot browse to any folders.


I hope that someone can help us with this issue.

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Re: Autocad, MS SharePoint Workspace and Xref problem

11-22-2013 05:34 AM in reply to: hhakobyan

We have been running Organice Explorer with SharePoint 2007 and AutoCAD Map 3D 2012.


While it takes some getting used to, Organice Explorer is the best product we have found for managing AutoCAD drawings. We had to do a fair amount of customization (using a Cadac consultant) to set the SharePoint libraries up as well as the drawing title blocks to match the columns (fields) in SharePoint. Plus, we had to do a couple of rounds of user training to get people used to working with Organice.


Where they could improve is to put more documentation and a FAQ online for registered users.

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