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Your current version of Design Review does not support files of this type

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06-29-2012 01:20 PM

We get the above error message intermittently using Design Review 2012. It has happened on a handful of different machines with various users, but is especially bad for one person who uses Design Review a lot. The file(s) are not corrupt when this error occurs, as I've seen referenced in other threads about this error. Other people can open the file he's trying to work on. So my assumption was that DR itself had become corrupt. The error goes away and he's able to open the file(s) in question if we wipe DR from his machine and re-install from scratch. This is the same pattern for other users who get the error. For this one user, I've had to re-install DR about 4 different times to get around the issue.


Today he called me with the same problem, opening file "A".  He was also unable to open 2-3 other files I had him try randomly. After putting that aside for a bit, somebody else create a new file, which he was able to open with no problem. At that point, he could go back and open the files that gave him the error message just a few hours before.


My assumption at this point is that there might be multiple people trying to open the same file, which then causes Design Review to go wacky for awhile and be unable to open anything. After some period of rest, it rights itself and is fine again. This would run along the line of other users who have files corrupted when two people try to open them, except ours is stopping before that point. Possibly because of a different file system (data is stored on a Netware 6.5 server)? I'm going to test my assumption next time this happens by checking Netware to see if somebody else has the same file open that he's getting an error message on.


In the meantime, if anybody has any insight as to what's causing this or what else to try, I'd appreciate it. We need to find some solution other than wiping and re-installing Design Review constantly.





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