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10-07-2011 06:30 AM

Il looked everywhere but can't seem to find a satisfying answer. My question is quite simple: How do we determine the default pivot point (in AutoCAD) that will be used by Design Review? I know that you can change this pivot in Design Review with the "Center" function, but my DWF will be embedded with no menus (and I don't expect my viewers to use the "Center" function even if it was available).


I tried a simple 3D model, centered at 0,0,0 and exported it as a DWF (3ddwf command). In the resulting DWF, my pivot point is very far from the model and not even at 0 altitude on the Z-axis. Am I doing something wrong? Any kind of help will be appreciated.



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Re: Pivot!

10-09-2011 12:43 AM in reply to: koobcat

Thank you for your feedback.


This should be an AutoCAD publish issue, could you please post your problem at AutoCAD Discussion Groups?



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