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Looking for help creating PDFs from .dwf/.dwfx/.dwg/.tif

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03-16-2011 09:04 AM



I'm looking for a way to batch-convert a huge number of files (.dwg, .dwf, .dwfx and .tif) to PDFs.

I have Acrobat professional 9, so using Adobe PDF printer is probably a part of the solution.

I've tried to use Acrobats batch processing, but it only seems to fail to convert many of the files so I sort of gave up that path.

I've looked in to using Autodesk Design Review 2011, either the application or making my own application using the API.

Unfortenately I haven't really found a good way to get the paper size and orientation correct when using the Autodesk Design Review application; My files have varying paper (A3/A4) sizes and orientation (Landscape/Portrait) - and if I point out a directory to batch process, they all end up with the same format. Also, it seems like I can only use the "Batch print wizard" for .dwf and .dwfx files.

If I add each file (rather than adding the entire directory) it seems like Autodesk Design Review can get the size and orientation for some of the files, but not all.

I know it's possible to create a .bpj file myself and launch "DesignReview.exe" with the .bpj file, but I don't know how to get size/orientation so I don't have enough data to generate the .bpj file. Also, it seems to ignore  .tif and .dwg files.

Q1: From Autodesk Design Review 2011 I can open .dwf, .dwf, .dwfx and .tif files. But the "Batch print wizard" only seems to allow .dwf and .dwfx. Why?

Q2: I can successfully open dwg files from the Autodesk Design Review 2011 application and print to PDF. But if I do the same thing from the API (set AxCExpressViewerControl.ECompositeViewer.SourcePath to a .dwg file), I get an error message "Your current version of Desgin Review does not support files of this type". But obviously the same file can be opened from the UI. So there seems to be some difference between the application and its API. Any ideas how I can get this working?

Q3: I would appreciate any kind of help to get some solution to creating PDFs from .dwg, .dwf, .dwfx and .tif files. Either by using Design Review and Acrobat's PDF printer, or some other creative solution.

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Re: Looking for help creating PDFs from .dwf/.dwfx/.dwg/.tif

03-22-2011 07:11 PM in reply to: mattiash

Thank you for your questions.


A1: Autodesk Design Review (ADR) Batch Print currently only supports .dwf and .dwfx formats.


A2: Please have a try to use axCExpressViewerControl.SourcePath instead.


A3: You can use ADR APIs axCExpressViewerControl.SourcePath and ECompositeViewer.ExecuteCommand(“QUICKPRINT”), plus Acrobat’s PDF printer to create PDFs from .dwg, .dwf, .dwfx and .tif files.


Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Herbert He
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