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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

11-13-2013 07:34 PM in reply to: scott.sheppard

So I assume that future on-premise Vault versions will continue to use DWF and Design Review 2013?  I'm just getting users used to DWF with the markup and 3D viewing capabilities integrated into the ECO process.  I would really not appreciate having to change course any time soon.  We also have no plans to use Vault PLM 360.  We have enough issues with Internet access.


At least I won't have to worry about migrating Design Review every year on every client system in the company.


If Design Review is eventually retired and not supported please have a suitable replacement integrated as part of Vault.

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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

11-18-2013 10:18 AM in reply to: dmiller

I could not agree more. We have no intentions to going to the cloud. We have well over 80 locations with intermittent network issues throughout every day. Our business will not rely on this type of technology. On premise will be the only form of technology for us other than Email in the cloud.

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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

11-19-2013 06:10 AM in reply to: scott.sheppard

So Autodesk is forcing everyone to 360?  How will that apply to multi national organizations that operate in countries where there are restrictions of internet use?

Not having a desktop only solution will also hurt small machine shops that couldnot afford to opperate if they have to either have a full verison of the CAD programs or subscribe to a web service to get drawings.  Many machine shops that we deal with have email and rely on either PDF or as we finally convinced them was better DWF. Now we are going to have to backtrack on that?


Disapointing at best.

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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

11-19-2013 08:58 PM in reply to: toddw.schuler
forcing? very dramatic: read what this topic has posted, it's a long term transition. It's still early in the process.
How old are you? I only ask because I've heard the same when the following were in their infancy too: fax machines, BBS boards, Newsreaders, Internet, AOL/Compuserve,, death of betamax, start of VHS, video "disks"(the 12" ones, both versions), "portable" phones, email, sharing cad files. To names a few things.

Time validates new solutions, not much else.
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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

11-20-2013 12:12 AM in reply to: pendean

This is exactly what I don't want. Ok, change all, put Autocad on internet as Design Review. You will see how many people start to use briscad.... The same has happened with these technologies. And some companies closed for this reason. 


This product is relatively new. Our development is growing based on it, and because DR it's not a finished product (many internal errors) . We don't need to put all this effort in trash and start AGAIN.

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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

11-20-2013 04:13 AM in reply to: FT398
Software come and go.
Trends come and go.
All companies must innovate and try new things: if not we'd all still be using DOS and delivering files to one another by courier (or USPS) on gloppy disks :smileyhappy:
Let's revisit this topic in 5-years then again in 10-years: we will either laugh our heads off or point to it as an prophecy.
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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

11-20-2013 04:37 AM in reply to: pendean

I remember AutoCAD 13 as I am sure many at Autodesk do too.  And Vista? Didn't take long to fix that mistake either. Now we have Windows 8.


Innovations is great, it is what companies must do to survive, but innovation must have value to the customer and not pin them in a corner.  I have been through this bad innovations thing before and we no longer use that companies software.


360 and the cloud have their place, I have tried to figure out how we could use it in our business, and have yet to find any benefit. Design Review does work and does work well for what we need. It provides a publish tool for Vault and viewer for the hundreds of users who consume drawing information but do not have CAD on their machines.  For one that saves us thousands in fees and provides a single viewer that my users can use.  Some of those users are not permitted to go on-line.  We also deal with many small machine shops that don't see the need to have anything more than email, it is an added expense for them to have full internet service and then a 360 account on top of that?  They will either raise the cost to us or stop doing business with us.


Innovation or another AutoCAD 13?  Time will tell.


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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

11-21-2013 06:11 AM in reply to: toddw.schuler

Remeber when very few had fax machines? 'small shops' were threatened then according to many.
Remember when computers were becoming 'business tools'? 'small shops' were threatened as well.

Remember when very few had email? 'small shops' were threatened then too.

'small shops' do whatever it takes to keep businesss, just like the rest of us manage it too. Everyone catches up. Let's not pretend no one catches up, everyone does eventually. Prices will go up too: unless you are one that shuns pay raises to offset cost of living increases and increased benefits over the years.

You seem to have missed a critical discussion in this thread: ADR is still available as a download and is not going anywhere, they are just giving up the pretention that it changes from year to year since there is nothing new to add. Don't be fooled by the 2013 naming convention, the product hasn't changed since DWFx was introduced many years ago.

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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

12-19-2013 09:23 AM in reply to: pendean

I work for an American federal national laboratory. Two years ago I convinced our utility division to use the Design Review process. They love it as it saves back and forth trips between designers, drafters, and technicians, and also a ton of money and paper by printing less. Does Autodesk plan to implement a national security plan for its servers that will convince Uncle Sam they can safely use the cloud? SIPRNET is waiting to hear back.

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Re: Is Design Review discontinued?

12-20-2013 03:02 AM in reply to: Metron4



I've read this topic with interest. Sorry for my english, it's not my native langage.

I understand that there is nothing new to add so there is no new version of ADR.

But ADR 2013 has a big bug for me, because relative hyperlink doesn't work (french version of ADR, I haven't tested in US version). A dot is added to the link so file path is corrupted and file couldn't be found.

If there is nothing new to add to the product, is it possible to have a new version which can use relative hyperlink?

Actualy, I use and deploy ADR 2012 which works fine for me, and I'm a very fun of this product, but if we could have the lastest version without bug, it would be perfect.


I've a question from my users/custumers who would like to have this viewer on tablet : offline mode AND hyperlink (and markup). I've tried 360 Mobile but I haven't found how to activate hyperlink (and markup)?





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