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Re: Hyperlinks Problem - ADR 2013

06-26-2012 02:29 AM in reply to: scotts

I'm also shocked that Autodesk has discontinued the relative Hyperlink funktionality of ADR.


How can it still be called a "Design WEB Format" when links don't work. That's what makes a the web so powerful - the ability to link documents together.


I am also really annoyed that Autodesk requires an Uplaod to Cloud Servers before one can view Acount documents anywhere. What is that all about? If Autodesk wishes to now make this format a business with a steady income stream, they should charge a small fee for the VIEWER technology (IT IS BRILLIANT!) and provide a capability for acces to local storage media! Why, if I already pay very decent licence fees for their design software, do I also have to feel cornered into giving them my design data?


If Autodesk wants to know what their customers do with their software, they should survey their customers seriously, without iliicitly requiring giving up their design data! The German speaking countries sometimes call design work, "geistliches Eigentum", or "intellectual property"!


I hope this gets fixed ASAP!


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Re: Hyperlinks Problem - ADR 2013

10-10-2012 11:28 AM in reply to: vgottipa

Any progress on this issue?   Has a hotfix been posted.  Part of my deliverables to clients rely on the capablility of linking files.  I can not stress how big of an issue this is.

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Re: Hyperlinks Problem - ADR 2013

10-11-2012 06:19 AM in reply to: Darkyspark

I have not seen or heard anything about a "fix", however, I did find that they have made older versions of Design Review available for download.  I uninstalled 2013, reinstalled 2012 and everything is as it was before. Hyperlinks work.... Hope this helps, but I'm still hoping for a fix from Autodesk!

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Re: Hyperlinks Problem - ADR 2013

10-11-2012 06:21 AM in reply to: briandavidson84
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Re: Hyperlinks Problem - ADR 2013

06-05-2014 01:04 PM in reply to: briandavidson84

Seriously... is this ever going to be fixed? Relative paths worked fine and then were broken in DR2013 and still not fixed in DR2014... PLEASE UNBREAK THEM!!!

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