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How to: Replace marked up sheet in DWF/ Have multiple reviewers single DWF

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08-26-2011 06:07 AM


My office is just getting in to using Design Review with Revit 2011.  We have a few questions going into the process.

1. Is three a way to re-insert a corrected sheet into a multi page DWF and still preserve the mark up history of that sheet?

      - For example; we use a DWF file for markups, changes are made to sheets in Revit, can we create a DWF of just the sheets that have changed and replace them in the DWF mark up file that is linked to the Revit file and still keep the previous markups for that sheet?


2. We have 2 project architects in 2 different offices, each wants the ability to mark up the DWF set.  I'm pretty sure I read that you cannot "share" a DWF file like a Revit Central file, but has anyone else found a good solution for this issue?

    - Our plan right now is to have 2 DWF files, one for each office, and link them both into Revit.  The concern from the reviewers is that they want to be able to see what the other one is marking up as they are marking up their own set so that they are not marking up the same thing or providing contradicting information.


Thank you for any information. 

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Re: How to: Replace marked up sheet in DWF/ Have multiple reviewers single DWF

09-23-2011 05:28 PM in reply to: mhensler21


Re: #2, I've seen companies post design files to a shared location and then people checkin/out the file so that people are marking up the latest version/comments.  

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