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How to actually "use" Design Review?

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07-10-2012 07:09 AM

ADR is a very simple interface and the program works for the most part.  As I am very familiar with using Revit, the interface is intuitive to me and I don't have a problem using the program.  That said, I am stuggling to find its usefullness.  I love that i can export a drawing set and add mark up and click on elevation tags that take me to the elevaition and that i can throw all the mark ups back into Revit and comment and mark them as completed, all this is great.  But, how do i make it work within my office?  At first i thought it would be great to use it as a kind of digital check set where project managers could add redlines and comments, or they could take it with them to the site and mark it up.  But for some reason that didn't work.  All the tools are there, but nobody wanted to use them.  The big problem is that it was hard to "share" the comments.  Its not like a revit central file where everyone works on one file and its all togeter at the end, instead everyone had their own mark up dwf that couldn't be all linked in to revit at the same time, so the revit user couldn't see all the comments and mark ups that were added by the various reviewers and it all just feel apart.  I really want to make this program part of our project work flow, i think it could be really usefull, but i need more help on how to make it "work" first.  So, how do you use this on a project? 


Note:  Industry is Architecture


Thank you.

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Re: How to actually "use" Design Review?

07-10-2012 02:09 PM in reply to: mhensler21

There is nothing comparable to REVIT and it's live-sharing. If that's what you need, that's what you need. Does REVIT have access to the whole Autodesk Cloud 360 thing? That may be what you ultimately need, not ADR.


ADR is for everyone else that does not need 'live' sharing IMHO: if you want REVIT user feedback on this tool, consider posting in the REVIT forum (while you wait here of course) and get folks just like you to chime in.

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Re: How to actually "use" Design Review?

07-10-2012 03:12 PM in reply to: mhensler21

Buzzsaw is a good tool for the sort of thing you are looking for. You make changes (mark-ups) if any and save it back to Buzzsaw, that way taking care of various versions of the same file. Access to internet could be an issue in this type of solution, but there is an another tool called 'Buzzsaw sync' which lets you store files locally and automatically syncs your local content with the server, when you are connected.

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Re: How to actually "use" Design Review?

07-11-2012 05:47 AM in reply to: mhensler21

Thanks for the advise, I will look into both of your suggestions.

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Re: How to actually "use" Design Review?

07-12-2012 05:14 PM in reply to: mhensler21



I am getting some buy in from project managers, quantity surveyors, programmers and the like.


I have demonstrated the 2D markup set, document comparison, page measurement (after simple page scaling).

You can use a network share to host your dwf file and as each person opens it, their comments are time/date stamped, though you will encounter issues if 2 people open the same file at the same time. ADR works better if each commentor comments then passes the file on. That way each comment can be re-commented on, etc...


You can of course cut/paste comments (in 2D only) from multiple versions of the document... This isn't so great as there is no 'paste in place'. I don't have the same problem you are encountering with multiple links (Revit 2013). If you rename the dwf, you can link in multiples, maybe not if they all retain the same name. You can also add comments to the markups in revit, and push them back into the dwf for further comment (proper bi-directional comms) though I haven't tested if changes in the revit references are possible...


Autodesk 360 is getting closer to having a useful dwf workflow. You can upload dwf to AD360 and share it with others. You can see markups that were already present, though any notes added to the markups are't accessable. You can add subsequent markups, though they aren't seen if you then download the doc. There may be multiple access allowed, I will test and let you know (when I get the time)


Hope this helps...

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