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DWFx - Not a happy camper

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08-30-2011 02:57 PM

After the best part of 40 hours, exhaustive problem solving and publishing from AutoCAD 2012 to DWFx, l can report that the problem is DWFx itself.

The issue centres around fonts being substituted for square blocks and wingdings text not found.  However when l publish multiple layouts from AutoCAD to DWF rather than DWFx, there is no problem. All fonts are carried through without incident. Only when l complete the same steps using DWFx do l encounter problems.

Yes, l have looked into Autodesk Design Review 2012 "options" (no help)


So until a fix is resolved, its publish to DWF for me. Sorry X, you've been sacked !!


Geoff Newport


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Re: DWFx - Not a happy camper

08-30-2011 10:57 PM in reply to: geoffrey.newport

Just a thought, did you experiment with the embedd fonts options in the DWF.pc3 AutoCAD is using? Wondering if DWFx has different embed behavior?

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Re: DWFx - Not a happy camper

08-31-2011 12:24 AM in reply to: robincapperw

Interesting throught robincapperw, however the DWFx ePlot (XPS Compatible).pc3 file within AutoCAD 2012 does not have "Font Handling" under custom properties.  Whereas the DWF6 ePlot does....and is set to "capture all".


Publishing from Sheet Sets (avg 140 pages) does not let me change or check pc3 settings, just options to print to DWF (which l believe is the DWF6 ePlot driver) and DWFx (DWFx ePlot (XPS Compatible).pc3  driver).


Keep the ideas coming.  X is still in the unemployment line.



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Re: DWFx - Not a happy camper

08-31-2011 10:49 AM in reply to: geoffrey.newport

If you only reply on the preset buttons in PUBLISH in R2012, it is only going to use the DWF6 pc3 file and the DWG to PDF pc3 file. If you want something "else", be it DWFx or your printer or plotter or raster or whatever, you must go the route of custom PAGESETUPs. That's PUBLISH, it's been that way since it was introduced: if anyone told you otherwise, please feel free to use a phonebook to the back of their.... for satisfaction.

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Re: DWFx - Not a happy camper

09-14-2011 12:41 AM in reply to: pendean

Thanks pendean,


Yes, l do reply on the preset buttons in PUBLISH in R2012.  However did try to to get into the pc3 files but the same issue still stands.


Files attached showing no option to "capture" fonts in the DWFx PC3 properties


PLease note that l need this option due to 90% of my work is via 100 - 150 page sheet sets, and whereby l need to publish and rely on these buttons...



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