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Can't install Design Review in any WinXP 32

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04-05-2012 02:31 AM



I tried, in the last 4 weeks, to install Design review in severall computers running Windows XP 32 bits.

I have allways the same error - Internet connection problems. That's not true.

I can't install in any of them.

In my machine, with Win7 64 was installed with no error, at the first time.


Attached is the error.

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Re: Can't install Design Review in any WinXP 32

04-06-2012 05:26 AM in reply to: eluis2012

Sorry this reply is of no assistance only complaint of similar problem but on a Win7 64 bit version.


I had previously sucessfully installed ver 2011 and 2012 on the same machine.

When I started the program (2012) it notified me of upgraded version (2013) being available for download, to which I assented to the upgrade. Following the uninstall 2012 portion it choked when attempting the download of 2013 telling me I had no Internet connection, which was wrong on all counts.

It matters not how I attempt to install the 2013 version, from fresh boot up or not it balks with the same error message.


So here I sit with NO version installed for use and looking for a solution as well!

Any help appreciated!



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Re: Can't install Design Review in any WinXP 32

04-06-2012 09:52 AM in reply to: eluis2012

As typically happens, when checking a drawing for 30 mins, the errors become obvious the moment you push the print or send button...

I figured I'd download the package and install it directly since I was doing a stand alone.

Apparently I authorized installation of the Download Mgr on my computer.

I was unable to download the package at all. I finally deduced the Download Mgr may be the problem and disabled it from my MS Explorer 9. Download problem went away. So for whatever reason, Win 7 64 bit, Explorer 9, incompatability whatever. Downloaded the package (>700MB) and it installed successfully.

Things are working again.

Everyone with similar systems may wish to check for and disable Download Mgr to see if this helps...




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