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Re: can only see partial CAD in Design Review

07-10-2012 09:24 PM in reply to: pendean

pendean wrote:

1. When you open a DWG file in ADR, do you notice how the name of the file's extension is no longer DWG, but it says DWF? Answer yes or no, nothing else :smileyhappy:


YES (thanx for pointing out - I had not realized before)


2. Now do you understand that DWF is not a DWG file? yes or no, nothing else please.


3. DTV opens a DWG file, and the name of the file above remains DWG. Do you understand this statement? Yes or no please, nothing else.


4. Inside the DWG, completely outside of your control in DTV and in ADR, there is no pagesetup and there is no predefined plot setup to generate a plot showing everying in the DWG file. Do you understand this statement? Yes or no please, nothing else.


NO. As  vgottipa wrote in a previous post, one can convert a DWG file in DTV into a DWF file, and OVERRIDE the PageSetup features.  vgottipa's reply helped solve the issue.


5. In order for you to get what you want in ADR, someone other than you needs to open the DWG file in AutoCAD (not DTV or ADR), create a plot that shows all the content in the file, then save it to the DWG file. Now, and only now, can you get what you want in ADR. Do you understand this statement? Answer anyway you want, this is the reality you need to grasp, you need AutoCAD to do what you want in ADR. Send the file back to the creator and ask them to save a pagesetup you can use to automatically generate a DWF file in ADR. OR stop ignoring what everyone else is telling you: you yourself must create a DWF file in DTV if you want to use ADR.


As  vgottipa wrote, one does not need to go back and open the file in AutoCAD. I can make it myself with DTV and export the file in DWF and there is an option OVERRIDE PAGE SETTINGS. That solves the issue.


I already tried it - and it works.


Anyway, thanx for your help and valuable input. You made me understand more about the file format which I did not know before. Also Kudos for you!




Hope this helps clear up the confusion: if you don't understand, say so, do not repeat your prvious replies for a 4th time please. You are not helping yourself understand ADR requires pre-setup in the DWG file to work automatically.




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