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Can DWF access and use be controlled?

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10-31-2013 12:18 PM



My manager has asked me if DWF files which contain sensetive IP can be controlled through ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) so that we can control, system-wide, who has access to the individual files and even control whether users with access are allowed to print the dwfs.  We also need to be able to control whether users are allowed to forward dwfs in emails.  I haven't found anything like this built into Autodesk products and I'm wondering if anyone out there knows how to apply these sorts of access controls. 


As a reference, these types of controls exist for MS Office products.  On can control whether an Excel file, for example, can be priinted or forwarded or saved under a different name etc.  We want to be able to do the same with dwf files.





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Re: Can DWF access and use be controlled?

10-31-2013 01:01 PM in reply to: edweberg

I'm not aware of any such features in the core program.  If this is for internal use, there is a DWF software toolkit available which may be able to provide such features for you (with a suitable programmer, of course).

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