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Autodesk Design review system requirements and x64 compability

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03-04-2011 03:41 AM



I'd like to start using Autodesk Design Review with my company, and we are going to purchase new computers to use the software but a few things are not clear for me.


- What are the recommended system requirements? I have read through the minimal system requirements and they are not very high. 

- How about x64 compability? Because we run the program currently on one x64 OS and it is not very stable. It somethimes hangs etc.


And 2 important questions:

- Would a core i7 processor be overkill? Which processor should we choose which is fast enough to run the program well?

- And how about an NVIDIA Quadro 2000 video card? (It is about $500 here, really expensive).  or would a Quadro 1800 be ok ($450) or perhaps another card which is cheaper...(about $250 would be much better).


The costs are important so if you could advice me here... (it is important that the videocard can output 1920x1080 on FOUR screens at the same time.