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What is the Fusion 360 team up to?

by Employee on ‎05-12-2014 01:40 PM

May is here and the team is working round the clock to deliver the next update in about a week driven by your feedback from direct conversations, forums, and the Idea Station.  Thank you for all your ideas and please keep the conversation going.


An integrated form, function and now fabrication with CAM


An integrated form, function and fabrication experience has been the vision for Fusion.  We started with form and function with only a little fabrication, the 3D print utility.  Now we are adding CAM to that experience with this update.  We are very excited about it.  So what does this all mean?


Users of our Windows based clients will now get Fusion 360 design and the tech preview of our integrated CAM tool.  We weren’t able to get all of the CAM software finished on the Mac (sorry) but we are targeting this capability for the Mac clients end of June.


In the Cam environment you will be able to create toolpaths from any design by using the new actions button.  These toolpaths are associative to the design from which they were created.  Users working on these toolpaths will be notified when the design has changed and have the choice on whether to update. You can switch between designs and CAM toolpaths using the related data button or using the new related data “tab” shown in the dashboard.  Designs and toolpaths are managed separately in your dashboard.


With this integrated CAD/CAM experience in Fusion 360 we will be ending the CAM 360 beta.


 One Product.png




Data and Collaboration in the Dashboard


Based on your feedback, we know we need to do much more with the dashboard.  In this release, we have made significant improvements in the online viewer and added the ability to search into your models from the dashboard or even the item detail page.


LMV image versions1.png


Other improvements include simplifying the sharing workflow by enabling you to invite anyone to collaborate on a design without having to add them to the project first. Now they will automatically get added to the project where the design lives. On similar lines, guests in a project can now invite more guests, as long as the project owner approves the invitation.


We have also made the insert component workflows easier by allowing you to search or navigate your projects to find the right component to insert.


insert widget.png


Modeling usability and workflow improvements


The focus in modeling has been to address usability and finish incomplete workflows based on your feedback in the IdeaStation.  Below are a few of highly requested modeling features in the May update. 


  • Timeline grouping.  A consistent feedback from the community has been that as models got bigger or in the case of imported models managing the timeline started to get difficult and unusable at times.








We are also adding support to a few more highly requested import/export options. 

High quality rendering and simplified material UI


A nicely rendered model isn’t just about eye candy and making people say OOO and AHH; it’s an important way for designers to accurately communicate their design intent as realistically as possible. In this coming update:


  • Dedicated space for rendering - All the tools for rendering in one dedicate window
  • New and enhanced rendering environments for more choices in rendering results
  • Easier to use UI for materials with drag and drop assignment
  • Enhanced selection of render materials (now called appearance).  Materials now work with Fusion360 Real-time Ray Tracer and the cloud rendering service


 render new1.png



render new2.png


And get realistic renderings a very short amount of time, all staying in Fusion 360.  And yes, this is included functionality!


render new3.png


Simplified UI for access to materials and appearance.




We still have more work to do on materials but hopefully this release will really help.




We have heard loud and clear from many of you that stability or crashes is a major issue.  We are taking it very seriously and working very hard on the problem.  One pattern we have seen is large number of the stability issues is MAC related.  For the May update we have addressed most of the known stability issues with MAC.


The other area of instability is data upload and translation.  We have identified issues in our network topology and the translation pipeline and are working thru the issues. 

We are squarely focused on the stability issues and continue to do so until we wrestle it to the ground.


Again, we want to continue to get your feedback and ideas as you use Fusion. Please let me know what you think of this update (best to do it via comments so everyone can see).  We’re just starting on the next release which we’re targeting for the end of June. Please let us know how we can make the Fusion experience better for you.




Prabakar and the Fusion 360 team

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by thburn_(anon) on ‎05-13-2014 12:11 AM



Thanks for this information


1st I am logged in to F360 page with my username and password, why it asks here for bame and eMail (again)? If I enter by username and eMail here it tells ne username and eMail already exists :-).

So how I can comment as member?

Is there any possibility that we can see when an idea which is marked as 'accepted' will become available in F360.

This would be really helpful!




PS: I added a _ (underscore) to my Name and EMAIL to be able to write here...

my 'normal' username is thburn and eMail Address is

by *Expert Elite* on ‎05-13-2014 07:04 AM

Hey Prabakar and Team,


this is great news. I'm really happy to see some of my ideas finally made it into Fusion360. Also i'm happy to see that Cam360 merges into Fusion. I'm a bit sad that CAM isn't ready for Mac OSX until now and hope to see it soon. Virtual Windows isn't a real alternative for productive work which is the primary reason that i hadn't put so much time into the Cam360 beta so far. Also i'm missing some for me really important features. I'm keen to see how CAM integrates and how it will be developing in the future.


I'm a bit surprised not to see Publisher and Documentation integrated here, or did you just forget to name it here? I think people working with both in the Beta will miss it as the Betas are going to be cancelled in a few days.


After all nearly every new feature sounds massively interesting to me and i can't wait to test the new version out.


Thanks for all your hard work.

by Employee on ‎05-13-2014 01:53 PM

Hey Helmi,


Our teams are working incredibly hard to get Publisher and Documentation ready and hope to have them out really soon but they wont be in the May update. We are shooting to have both Documentation (Windows) and Publisher (Windows and Mac) as a tech preview in a June update if all goes well . We have made some really good progress since beta but need a little more time before we feel conformable releasing it into the product as a tech preview. We will be posting more details around both of these in the coming weeks/month.

by thburn_(anon) on ‎05-15-2014 11:27 PM



I still need help how I can login to this site? There is no login button.

If I enter my community name (thbur) here it says:


'The name entered is already in use: 'thburn'  You must enter a different name before submitting your post.'


But I am already logged in to the community - so why I am asked for username and eMail here?


by Administrator on ‎05-16-2014 03:07 PM

Hi Helmi,


If you are not logged in, you can still post a blog comment by providing your name and email.


If you would like to login in, there is a login link under "quick links" in the right rail of the site over here ->


If you are being prompted for login on different sections of the site, it may be becuase you have cookies turned off, or a corrupt cookie. Clearing browser cache will likely help.


We use cookies to maintain authentication accross a few sections of the site, and frankly, sometimes it doesn't work so elegantly. We are working on troubleshooting and improving the experience.


Bottom line - I'm sorry you're having trouble logging in. Please shoot me an email and I can help you troubleshoot -



by aalzagax on ‎05-20-2014 07:57 AM

Thank you so much! This is the mest and more exciting piece of software I have seen since Corel Draw in it's beginings!

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