Tip Tuesday: how to apply as-built joints using Fusion 360

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The initial joints do not appear in the top component in the browser because they are located in subassemblies. Joints are located as low as possible in the component hierarchy. While each joint occurrence moves independently, the joint definition is shared by all instances of a subassembly that contains it. That is why the rigid joint and slider joint appeared in all three leg subassemblies. The later joints are not between components in the leg subassembly, so they do appear in the top component joint folder.


The browser should be auto-expanding to show the location of the new joint. That might be a bug! You can also access joint related commands via the view representation (select and right-click) or from the timeline joint feature.


Note that as-built joints are only available in a parametric model because positions of the joined components are determined by history. This allows the as-built joint to properly adjust as the component geometry changes and history is recomputed. This parametric smartness of as-built joints is more evident in a model built from scratch in Fusion. We could add as-built joints to direct models, but they would not have an opportunity to adjust in a smart way because positions are not determined by history. The rigid group (similar to as-built joints) is available in the direct model because there is not need to position the joint's degrees of freedom relative to the components that are joined.

by thburn_(anon) on ‎05-15-2014 11:39 PM

Hi keqingsong,


(I still do not know how to use my community name here, so I added a underscore to my community name, otherwise the blog tells me 'thburn is already in use take a different name' - how to use my community name here?!?)

I saw your video using as-built joints - thanks for that.

But I wonder if it is possible to present all possible joint options directly on the 'As-Built Joint' popup window and not inside a drop-down list.

Now if you want to add different joints on one object like you did, you always have to click to open the drop down box and click again to choose the joint.

For the next joint you have to click the drop down box again to open it and once more to select the joint and so on.

Better would be to present all joints directly inside the popup window so you can directly select from there and save one click each time!


Hope it is clear what I mean,


by Board Manager on ‎05-16-2014 10:51 AM

Hey Thburn, thanks for reaching out, I can certainly help you get this sorted. Please email me at keqing.song@autodesk.com and let's figure out what's going on. 

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