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Configurator 360 Pipeline/Roadmap?

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07-31-2013 06:21 AM

Been using Configurator 360 for a couple of days now and it has the look and feel of a tech. preview but because it's a 360 product I get the impression and hope/assume that there will be more features rolled out in the future.


We are currently looking at a host of configurator products with an aim to commence implemenation within the next 3 - 6 months. In its current state, C360 does not offer a complete enough solution, even when taking its price into consideration.  I am therefore wondering if there is a roadmap or a list of features in the pipeline and maybe even a timeline for the addition of these features.


I understand that there might be some hesitancy to announce upcoming features too prematurely, but would appreciate any feedback, even if it is only to say that there is either nothing in the works or that we should start seeing some new features in the near future.



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Re: Configurator 360 Pipeline/Roadmap?

08-01-2013 10:29 AM in reply to: melmo

Configurator 360 is a special 90-day offer right now. Since it is a cloud service, we can roll out new features at any time. As an example, we have already rolled out several incremental improvements and fixes since the initial special offer launch in June.   Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose specifics of roadmap plans, but we are actively working on enhancing and further developing capabilities. We hope that you will give us feedback on the capabilities you believe are most important to your success with the service. You can submit those here, or mail us at:


Tyler Barnes, Autodesk

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