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Unknown Error has Occurred.....

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12-18-2008 11:07 PM
Community Support,

I just downloaded the Mudbox 2009 Trial. I get the following message any time I try to manipulate an object in any way including the objects you choose during startup such as sphere etc.. It doesn’t matter whether I try to move or reshape the object, as soon as I make a change, I get this error message:

“An unknown error has occurred while performing the operation. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

The program doesn’t entirely lockup since it let’s me exit by hitting the window close X and I still have access to menus. But I can no longer do anything in the program and I have to close it. It also does not lock up my computer in any way.

This doesn’t feel like a driver issue to me. It apeears to have something to do with User account access since I think it is creating the error when the program trys to store image data/log info onto C:/User..... I am the only user and I have admin priveledges.

I am running:
Vista 32 bit Home Premium
Alienware M15x Laptop
Geforce 8800M GTX Forceware ver. 175.80
Directx ver 10

I uninstalled the trial, de-activated UAC, rebooted but upon the second install, the program did not ask me for a default path for data storage. I found this odd and I received the same error. I also tried changing the save paths in preferences while in the program but regardless of changes I make to the data path, it always reverts back to a C:\User..... path.

I discovered that even with uninstallation, the C:\User folders for Autodesk are still there. So I deleted them manually and tried another install. This time it again asked for a path to store data. I directed it to C:\Autodesk\data hoping to avoid the C:\User directories. Again I had the same error. And upon checking preferences, paths I find that Mudbox is still trying to save data in C:\User....

I really do think this is a User access issue. Very strange since I have numerous other applications with no problems.

I would really love to try out this software.

Just for fun I installed the trial on my 5 year old Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop and it runs ok. This is also why I am convinced this is some wierd User account access issue in Vista. For the record, Photoshop CS3 and ZBrush3 work fine on my Vista system.

Thanks for any help
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Re: Unknown Error has Occurred.....

10-11-2009 12:38 PM in reply to: Allan Chaney
Same for me ... I get that error message with mudbox 2009 AND 2010 .... whatever I do or whatever the file I try to open , I get that same error message :

"an unknown error has occurred while performing the operation.
We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Mudbox 1.0 DOES work thought ....

ATI Radeon card here ...