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Re: What's up with the Orange Name Labels

04-30-2012 09:35 AM in reply to: Jillian.Bejtlich



This is a perfect example of how labels are not necessarily working or accurate.  The following user BillPIII is a 'Distinguished Contributor.'  He's distinguished alright... for being rude and expecting something for nothing.  This is the kind of user that abuses the peer forums instead of opting for Subscription or VAR support.  Fortunately, this is not a common problem.  But I do like to make an example of users like this.


Sometimes it is hard to continue to take the high road in spite of comments from users like this.  Some users need to be reminded that there are Ground Rules to participate.  The reason they don't get the help they want is because they are too cheap and their method of communication is severely lacking and unprofessional.  I have reported this user.  He's the closest I have gotten to testing out the 'Block User' option.


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Re: What's up with the Orange Name Labels

05-01-2012 10:23 AM in reply to: TravisNave



Woah. Looks like blocking worked. I can't even find him anymore! Thank you for reporting him and taking the high road.


We're still trying to work out the ranking system, but I agree folks that are rude and harass others shouldn't be rewarded with a great title.


Sorry for the aggravation. :smileysad:

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Re: What's up with the Orange Name Labels

05-01-2012 11:17 AM in reply to: Jillian.Bejtlich

how do you block someone?

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Re: What's up with the Orange Name Labels

11-30-2012 08:11 AM in reply to: Jillian.Bejtlich

At least the new dark blue expert colour is more distinguished-looking than bright orange.

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