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My Friendly List on What Sucks with Fusion 360 forums

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09-26-2013 01:09 PM

So many problems with Lithium they are not really worth describing in detail. Let's try to list them.


2MB file upload limit


Why? Make it 10MB or 20MB. Be realistic.


Notification emails - sometimes with pictures, sometimes not


Idiotic. I should need to visit the site only if I want to comment. Often, getting just the text is not enough. Other times, seeing the pictures carries vital extra info (but I wouldn't even know they are omitted!).


Picture upload


I upload many pictures. Many. The current uploader sucks:


- it's slow (I wait for the buttons to show up, separately for *each* picture)

- it doesn't have multiple file upload (I'd like to drag and drop all files, then pick them from that group individually into the text)

- ideally, it could take my Copy-paste from OS X (including pictures); now it actually does, but then forgets the pics and shows '?' icons instead

- it doesn't provide drag&drop


I'm really, really, really, really, really missing HTML5 UI. (whoa, that's it)


Seeing what's New


This is like the #1 use case of a forum. I should get a list of the stuff that is new to me. I don't. The experience is worst in the IdeaStation area, where I need to manually search pages for "1 new", "2 new" etc. to find which threads have new entries. Brain dead. Not tested with living human beings.


Why is IdeaStation different?


- It's more difficult to find new entries there.

- showing author signature varies between IdeaStation and other areas (either has it, the other ones not)

- editing an idea is not possible (really? what benefit does that bring?)


The 'New' counts don't match


The forum main page shows how many new entries are there (somewhere within the areas). But these numbers don't match - I frequently end up in cases where the main page shows there to be 'new' entries, but I've swooped through the areas carefully, and there are none. I think there is a bug that lets i.e. deleted or edited entries carry on as zombie counts.




All in all, Lithium sucks and I won't be recommending it to myself or anyone else. However, I like Fusion 360 and will remain on the forum. It only feels like driving a powerful car that has the hand brake on (and broken windows, and head lights, and ….)  


If you fix all the above, I'll make a new list.

Asko Kauppi

IT guy into Cleantech. Aiming to bridge public transport to 21st century solutions.
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Re: My Friendly List on What Sucks with Fusion 360 forums

09-26-2013 01:21 PM in reply to: bmdesign

This is a very useful list Asko, thanks for putting it together. We are working very closely with the Lithium team to make a dramatic overhaul of the forum platform with a better user experience/functionality; this work is happening right now. We'll keep you posted on when the changes will happen. In the meantime, we're always open to feedback, and thhe team will engage with you directly.  

- Keqing

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Re: My Friendly List on What Sucks with Fusion 360 forums

09-26-2013 01:28 PM in reply to: bmdesign

Some more (this should be all).


Link dialog


Capture 2013-9-26 kello 23.10.52.jpg


If I have a link selected (as here), why couldn't the dialog suggest that to be the 'Link URL' as well. Now I need to copy it twice there.


Also, I always change 'Target' to 'in new window' for ease of others (= keeps their original browser page in the forums). Couldn't the app default to which selection I've done last time.




Kudos are nice. They should work both ways. You're being too kind.   (= there is no way to vote down something)


Also, in a real judo system the number of kudos being given should be limited. 


For a sample of a real good forum social system, see (and other Stack Exchange sites)


No way to move (one's own) entry between areas


If people post in the wrong area (sometimes happens for newbies) they themselves should be able to move the post later to the suggested area. Now the admins need to do that.


Referring to other threads should be easier


Now, pasting URLs work. Ideally, you could allow links to other topics within the same forum be selected by search, titles etc. Interlinking threads is very common, since people often ask the same question again, slightly differently. 


Styling often 'hides' the first line of a reply


There should be white space between the header info and the text contents. Now we're tempted to make that empty line manually - which would be brain dead, content-wise.


IdeaStation summary should only show first N lines (or pixels) of each entry


I sometimes do LONG entries. Like 3-4 printed pages long. Now that whole entry burdens the 'summary' instead of just showing the relevant first 10-20 lines or so.

Asko Kauppi

IT guy into Cleantech. Aiming to bridge public transport to 21st century solutions.
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Re: My Friendly List on What Sucks with Fusion 360 forums

09-27-2013 08:10 AM in reply to: bmdesign

Hey Asko,


Thanks for being so committed to a positive user experience here, and thank you for the feedback. I received your private message yesterday and have been talking with my team here about the best way to get you more involved. I'll reach out to you separately and see what we can do.

Teresa Basich
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Re: My Friendly List on What Sucks with Fusion 360 forums

09-27-2013 11:15 AM in reply to: TBasich

I second Asko's comments, particularly re. the IdeaStation, and would add something I suggested in Portland: that there be some way to group or categorize ideas in the Request a Feature/ Idea forum area, some organizational structure that relates to program areas and functions.  As it is there are quite a few ideas that are essentially duplicate, this both clutters the forum and dilutes comments. Some functional subheadings or categories (I don't think "Hot", or "Top" are all that meaningful) might help reduce duplication and make the forum area easier to understand. How about organizing by tags in a way that is more explicit?  The functionality is already there, it's just not clear from a UI standpoint.   I would also be nice if the Idea author could chose to merge or group an idea with another that is closely related. 


I'll also point out that the "Latest Comments" area to the right in my browser window does not help to find the latest comments. It seems to be  only for threads to which I am subscribed.  It would be great if there were a more general log of activity. 



- Ron

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Re: My Friendly List on What Sucks with Fusion 360 forums

09-28-2013 12:49 AM in reply to: Oceanconcepts

One more:


Spam filters


No user should be allowed to post more then 2..3 posts with identical (or very similar) content, or matching some other undisclosed spam detection rules, without being temporarily blocked. Spam filtering must be a built-in feature of the platform, not something Autodesk has to implement.


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Asko Kauppi

IT guy into Cleantech. Aiming to bridge public transport to 21st century solutions.
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