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Jessica: notification messages have way too much white space

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11-17-2013 10:50 PM

> If anything else comes to mind to you know where to find us


Email notifications (white space)


I follow the Autodesk forums over email (OS X Mail). For some reason, there's too much white space now between the lines of messages (though on the forums themselves it seems to be solved).


Do you have any kind of testing of these issues, before throwing it at us? You should.


A snapshot of the notification email and the actual message (this one):


Capture 2013-11-18 kello 8.33.04.jpg

Capture 2013-11-18 kello 8.40.27.jpg


The forum looks good, the email not.


Serif font


The text I'm writing here is in Serif font (OS X Safari 7). It's normally not a good choice for electric communication - it looks weird.


You've now extended that also to i.e. the picture upload dialog (below).


Picture upload dialog


Instead of actually fixing the picture upload problems (giving us drag&drop upload, or ability to get pictures pasted from Rich Text to actually remain as part of the document, reducing the need for upload at all), what we get in the "forums revise" is this:


Capture 2013-11-18 kello 8.39.34.jpg


Fonts changed to serif (bad) and moved to the left with no margin (bad).


Running after the wrong train


Instead of fixing the real issues of the community interaction what you are doing is superficial layout changes that are also counterproductive. You are not doing a good job. In fact, you are doing the wrong job


Stop tuning the outer things and ask us what the real issues with the current forums are. If it turns out, those cannot be solved using Lithium, look for the better alternatives, where less tuning and admining would be needed, since the tool would be working right for you, and us. 


The current state is wasting everyone's time.


I'm okay giving feedback on Autodesk products, but pampering on how forums should be run is.... not 2013 (in 2003 this probably would have been justified).


Have a good day!

Asko Kauppi

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Re: Jessica: notification messages have way too much white space

11-18-2013 03:36 PM in reply to: bmdesign

Hi Asko,


Thank you for the detailed description of your concerns. I completely understand where you're coming and that this is a serious issue for our users. I would also like you to know that your specific concern has been heard / sincerely acknowledged and that we are looking into taking action to rectify the issue.


Thanks again!

Jessica Thrasher
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