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how to reset netload forms on AutoCAD?

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03-28-2014 11:34 PM

Hi everyone,


There is a pre-maid autocad civil program (automatically netloaded), what the program does is it prompts you to enter Catchment Area for a selected pit, it also creates a txt file using comma seperated values in the form of:


Pit number, Catchment Area


I find it easier to manually update the text file compared to selecting and editing.


Say i got 10 pits, with catchment area of 5ha

txt file:






so if i edit the text file to say 2ha for each pit while the drawing is open






the forms doesn't modify the forms still say 5ha instead of 2ha, unless i restart Autocad.


Is there a way of resetting forms so original values are updated when i update it manually?







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Re: how to reset netload forms on AutoCAD?

03-30-2014 06:20 AM in reply to: Mayamk_khanna
Ask that add-on program creators for help with their program.
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