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Re: First impression

06-14-2010 10:26 AM in reply to: ACADuser

Your asking what I want? What I would like is a forum that lets us ask questions and get good answers with the least amount of pain. I could field the quote "If it aint broke. Don't fix it". But I don't think that's appropriate. I like new things. Anything that saves me time or lets me do something that I couldn't do before is something I'd probably consider a good thing.

[Funny. a pink banner just papered above this post "Message Not Found The message you are trying to access is not available." Did we get deleted?] Yup. We must have been very bad!

But change solely for the sake of change doesn't attract me. I don't care if this or that is the latest and greatest. I care if it can do what I want it to do as well or better that I could do before. The answer is often yes. (or else I'd still be using R12).

I know you were just kidding but I felt myself float up and my feet plant firmly on a soap box. I'm sure that most of what we see as problems will either be resolved or we'll just get used to them. But I see too many people who may not be around anymore. In most cases their expertise far outweighs any improvements to the forums.




ACADuser wrote>

Are you sure thats what you want ?  "Allen - Admin questions should go to the following discussion group. If Nobody's answer wasn't all you needed, please repost to Admin."  j/k

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Re: First impression

06-14-2010 10:41 AM in reply to: DaveDrahn

DaveDrahn wrote:

Topic at the top of my head #38: why not have the Post button somewhere where you don't haver to scroll down to find it?  Like maybe where the Reply button was? eh? 

 Just out of curiosity can you elaborate on this?  I see a reply button after each and every post plus a reply button at the top of the discussion and when looking at a list of discussions there is a button at the top.  Actually at the end is the only place I didn't see one.

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Re: First impression

06-14-2010 11:09 AM in reply to: AllenJessup

I understand where you are coming from. And completely agree that those with expertise who have contirbuted over the years will be missed if they don't come around as much anymore.


When I get frustrated I try to deal with it using humor and I usually over do it heavy sarcasm.  This sometimes causes others to misunderstand me and occasionaly gets me in trouble.  So yeah I was just kidding when I replied to your previous post which apparently was deleted.  <start sarcasm> I guess you have to be carefull what you ask for cause you just might get it :smileywink: <end sarcasm>.


Admin, no disrespect here - guess I need to walk a mile in your shoes.  Keep up with the improvements.

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Re: First impression

06-15-2010 08:13 AM in reply to: AllenJessup

Apparently there is a VLX for that LOL, see attached.

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Re: First impression

06-16-2010 06:50 AM in reply to: pendean

I'd like to reply to that but I'm gobsmacked!

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