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Delete Student Account

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06-10-2012 07:42 PM

HI, I was trying to sign up with Autodesk to try to the 30 day trial of Maya but somehow ended up signing up for a student account. Is there a way I can delete this and start again? Or could I ask any Autodesk Forum employees to delete it for me.


I'd appreciate it!



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Re: Delete Student Account

06-11-2012 08:35 PM in reply to: henri.venable



First welcome to the forums!


You should be able to download the trial using the same information you used to post here in this forum


If you accidentally created a student account you can get that corrected using the form at this link


As we are always trying to improve user experience a quick reply here about the confusion between accounts would be appreciated so we can make any changes necessary.



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Re: Delete Student Account

03-11-2013 07:58 AM in reply to: Discussion_Admin


I made the same mistake as henri.venable and need help correcting it.

I followed the link posted by Discussion_Admin but I found no form other than the "If you are still having problems, CONTACT US".

With that link I was able to create a support ticked and got an automated email reply but that didnt help me with my problem, even when I replied to the email for additional help (only got another automated reply).

The "How do I close my account?" link seems to shed no light onto the matter aswell.

Who do I contact or where can I find a form to get my student account corrected/deleted?

Would be grateful for any help!


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Re: Delete Student Account

03-11-2013 08:45 AM in reply to: p3rf

Hi Perf, 


As requested, I have deleted your account from the Education Community.


Let me know if you need any more help.



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Re: Delete Student Account

03-18-2013 07:49 AM in reply to: camilo.lemos



i've got a similar problem, i made a student account before recognizing the software is only available for special faculties of the university (actually i don't understand how the activation progress works).

I just wannt to try out how 3ds max works (i'll try the 30 days trial), so my student account probably can be deleted.





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Re: Delete Student Account

03-18-2013 08:40 AM in reply to: moaxi

Hello moaxi,


Welcome to our forums.


I've checked your Student account and noticed that you've been granted a Student license today. This means that you are indeed eligible to join the Education Community and that you can use this software. It's probably better that we don't delete your Student account, so that in case you want to use your Student version of Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 you can still do it.



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Re: Delete Student Account

03-18-2013 10:44 AM in reply to: simona.golisciano

Ah ok, i'm glad to hear that. The activation didn't work and then i read on a forum that the 3dsmax student version is only accessible if you're on the architecture or a media faculty. I'll try to acivate it again now.
Thank you for your fast reply,



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Delete Account

03-29-2013 07:59 AM in reply to: henri.venable


 I've been searching this site inside out for a button or some thing where i can delete my account, and cant find anything. I really want to delete my account, please help me.

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Re: Delete Account

03-29-2013 03:41 PM in reply to: ackiron

Hello Ackiron,


Currently there is no way for a user to delete their own Education Community account as it is tied to your Autodesk single sign on account.


To request that your account be deleted, please contact our Education Community Support team.

Philip Schmelzer
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