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Autodesk Forces End Users to Assume Security Risk

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12-10-2012 05:22 AM

In the past couple of releases of Civil 3d, Autodesk has included the owners serial number and product key in the about menu. Doing so puts the end user at risk of someone writing these numbers down, downloading a trial of the product from Autodesk's web site, then using the numbers that are easily visible to all end users. This can cause the end user to exceed the number of licenses they own. Please remove these numbers from within the program so the account manager and business is not at risk.

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Re: Autodesk Forces End Users to Assume Security Risk

12-10-2012 05:35 AM in reply to: aaron

That's common with all AutoCAD versions, and it's not that new either (maybe in Civil, but it's been around in all other versions): it's how many users convert a trial or EDU version to a fully commercial version.


I doubt this will ever go away: perhaps another reason to be on subscription and/or develop a very strong relationship with your reseller for license controls?

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Re: Autodesk Forces End Users to Assume Security Risk

12-12-2012 11:43 AM in reply to: aaron

Not exactly the past few releases, or Civil3D either.  Its been around for quite a few releases.  Its not the end user assuming the "security risk", its the owner of the licenses which is typically a company, not the user.  Companies have always assumed the risk of managing and controlling their licenses e.g. not spreading them around the internet.  That normally comes under a computer use agreement where the employee agrees to do/not do something with company computers (or not be employed).  There really isn't much AutoDesk can do to hold the responsibility.  If it is that much of a concern, then you can work with your reseller to ensure your licenses are not being abused through rogue activations along with ensuring employees are properly informed of computer policy and the consequences of violating that policy.


Mods, perhaps this would be better served in the installation forum rather than in the forum about the forums?

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