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Re: A Solution: Once Upon a Time...

04-27-2012 08:35 AM in reply to: pendean

pendean wrote:

I think only the OP should have the power to mark a reply as the solution:

I don't disagree, I really do hesitate to say that this overwriting of the OP's opinion is the best road to go down. Message 18 was really my well if this is how its going to be, at least make it more community oriented instead of a single person overwriting a perceived incorrect 'solution'.


I think the one of the best ways to make each 'solution' relevant is to force the OP to select which product and version they are asking about, and have that be part of the post.

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Re: A Solution: Once Upon a Time...

04-29-2012 09:36 AM in reply to: MarySeufert

I like that idea, keep it simple: when you click the NEW MESSAGE button and you must fill in yout AutoCAD type (LT, ARCH, Civil, plain etc.) and version number (2012, 2013, Dos12), all from pulldowns to make it real easy, before you can proceed to composing a message. There would be no option to bypass these entries. Maybe add Windows version too (XP, Vista, 7, MAC, 'other').


That would cut down on at least the first question we always ask in reply, and get the OP more focused.

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Re: A Solution: Once Upon a Time...

04-30-2012 08:51 AM in reply to: pendean

As long as its not the same as the one used for the support portal.  Thats an excellent example of how NOT to do this.

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