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Render Farm for Hire

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08-16-2011 07:33 AM

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you.

We are Render-IT, a company set up to satisfy a distinct need within the
Computer Generated Imagery sectors.

Put simply, we are a render farm for hire, a service that allows our
customers to create better and more detailed versions of their work, be that
an Architect bidding for a new contract/client or a Visual Effects House
that needs managed raw processing power to finesse the best images from
their efforts.

At Render-IT the bulk of our clients are most pleased with the care,
attention to detail and generous technical support we offer, as we know that
working on a clients' project is above and beyond churning out rendered
frames. We built our network ourselves, refining it carefully over time. We
are one of the world’s longest operating render farms and our 10 years of
experience means there is not a technical complication that we cannot deal
with; often we are consulted just to trouble shoot a render setup. We always
want our clients to be fully satisfied with our service and as such we offer
an evaluation service free of charge where we render a section of your
project to iron out any technical issues that might arise before the project
is submitted to render.

We work with the following sectors (amongst others)

* Visual Effects,
* 3D Animation,
* Architectural Models,
* Product Design,
* Marketing,

The Render-IT Team
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Re: Render Farm for Hire

08-16-2011 08:04 AM in reply to: Gaz Evans
Please note that advertisments may be posted only to the Classifieds forum as per the forum rules.
As a consequence this thread has been moved to the aforementioned "Classifieds" forum.

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