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Lesson 3 Transforming 2D Sketches to 3D Models

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05-07-2010 08:50 PM
After you have mastered the skill of creating visible planes to sketch on, creating lines, circles, arcs, and rectangles your ready to start the 2D Design process in Sketch mode and learn to create a simple 3D object. The first step to creating a 3D Model in CAD Invention Software is to determine which work plane you would like to begin with. In this Lesson we're going to start our sketch on the Front Plane which is the default view when using CAD Inventor Software. Next we're going to use the 2D command in Sketch Mode called Rectangle to create a box shape by using your own dimensions. Once you finish creating your 2D Drawing you want left click the Finish Sketch button located at the right of the Ribbon on the top of the screen.
At this point your screen will change into the 3D working environment where you can use several different commands to shape your 3D Models, but in this lesson we're going to focus on the Extrude command which will allow your 2D rectangle to be transformed into a 3D Design. The first thing you want to do is change your view so you can see the Extrusion take place. You can do this by using the View Box located on the top and right of your working environment. After that simply left click the extrude button and wait for the Extrude window to open. Once the window is open your rectangle should automatically extrude a specified distance and you can see your rectangle in a 3D Design View.
Within the Extrude window you have a few options to choose from which allow you to manipulate the Extruding process. the most important is obviously the distance to which you want your design to be Extruded. Below this option is the set of commands which allow you to specify which direction the 3D Design will be Extruded. These commands allow the extrusion to be more user friendly and help in certain situations where extruding both directions is the only way to create the 3D Model.
The Output option is extremely useful when you need to subtract one area from another, but we won't be discussing that in this lesson. Play around with the Extrude Command until you feel comfortable with it, and start creating 3D Design of your own.

Thank you for choosing eLine Design as your Free CAD Drafting and Design resource, and check daily for new post and lessons.
Thanks Christopher Clay(Owner of eLine Design llc)
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