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Hiring! Mocap, 3D & 4D Scanning Technical Supervisor

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09-19-2013 02:35 PM

Primary Role: R&D, MOCAP and Scanning Technical Supervisor
Location: Max Planck Institute, Tübingen, Germany
Job type: Full time (relocation provided)

The Perceiving Systems Department, already home to the most highly detailed 3D BodyScanner in the world, a groundbreaking 66 camera custom system, is building a new custom 4D system to capture the human body in motion. We are looking for someone to work with a team of researchers, programmers and technicians to build, support, expand and use these systems for basic research on human body shape and motion. Click here for more details:


  • Support the group's capture facilities, current and future. 
  • Develop custom software for scan processing and analysis. 
  • Plan and set up capture sessions and experiments.
  • Manage 4D shape and motion capture databases.
  • Be the go-to person for scanner calibration, configuration and integration.
  • Work with scientists and students on basic research, large-scale data capture, and novel applications.
  • Develop tools and techniques to view and work with 4D data.


Desired Experience:

  • Advanced degree or hands-on experience in motion capture, computer vision, or graphics.
  • A desire to help shape the future of motion capture.
  • Experience with multi-camera capture systems, standard mocap systems, scanners, etc.
  • Experience with the foundations of synchronization, camera calibration etc. is highly desirable.
  • Strong systems, scripting and programming skills. 
  • Strong written/spoken English.



Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Perceiving Systems Department
Tübingen, 72076



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