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CADPower, the # 1 CAD productivity software

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06-07-2012 09:21 PM


CADPower ( is the name of our 100+ tool productivity pack, which supercharges your AutoCAD experience. CADPower is a split out of GeoTools software.


Nothing fancy, just common, boring CAD tasks can be performed quickly and efficiently using CADPower, saving hundreds of minutes every day.


At USD 108, this is a must-have tool for every AutoCAD user:



Polyline Tools

CP_3DJ                                   Join 3D Polylines
CP_PLJOIN                             Automated Join - 2D polylines

Change 2d -> 3d -> 2d
CP_CH2D3D                          2D-to-3D
CP_CH3D2D                          3D-to-2D

Vertex Management
CP_DELVX                              Delete Vertex
CP_INSVX                               Insert Vertex
CP_DENSIFY                           Densify vertices
CP_REM_LINVERTS              Weed (remove) collinear vertices from polyline
CP_PL_PLACE                       Place Points/Blocks along vertices
CP_FIXCLOSED                      Add / Remove redundant closing vertex in polylines
CP_DELSVP                            Delete single vertex polylines
CP_MVEDIT                           Multiple Vertex Editor
CP_NEWSTART                     Specify a new start point for closed polylines

Part Editing
CP_PARTEXTRACT                Extract part of a polyline
CP_PARTCOPY                      Copy(and move) part of a polyline
CP_PARTOFFSET                   Offset part of a polyline
CP_PARTSTRETCH                Stretch part of a polyline
CP_PARTMIRROR                 Mirror part of a polyline
CP_PARTROTATE                  Rotate part of a polyline
CP_PARTRESHAPE                Reshape part of a polyline

Inquiry & Statistics
CP_PL_STAT                          Compute detailed polyline statistics
CP_LAYERAREA                    Compute summed polyline areas from selected layers
CP_LENGTH                           Compute lengths
CP_CALCAREA                      Compute summed areas of closed polylines
CP_BULGE                             Display info. about polyline bulge (arc segments)

More editing  
CP_XV                                    Express Pedit
CP_CP_MPEDIT                    Multiple Pedit
CP_CHW                                                Change Widths
CP_XP_WPL                          Explode Polylines with width
CP_SEGLENSET                      Specify segment lengths in polylines

CP_FLIP                                  Flip (Reverse) direction
CP_PLARCMIRROR               Flip (mirror) arc segments of polylines

CP_FILLETPOLY                     Enhanced fillet command
CP_MFILLET                          Fillet multiple polylines

CP_CP_INOUTOFFSET          Offset closed polylines INwards/OUTwards
CP_XPSPL                              Explode Splined

CP_FLOW_LT                        Control polyline linetypes
CP_ZPOLY                              Zoom to Polyline
CP_FIXUCS                             Fix line/polylines with different UCS
CP_LINPOLY                          Draw linear polylines from arced polylines


CP_PLARC2PL                       Convert Arc Polylines to linear segment polyline
CP_PLINE2ARC                     Convert linear polylines to arcs/arced polylines
CP_LINE2PL                           Convert lines and arcs to polylines
CP_SPL2PL                            Convert Splines to polylines
CP_PL2SPL                            Convert polylines to SPLINE

CP_PL23DFACE                    Convert polylines to 3dface
CP_PL2PFACE                       Convert polylines to PFACE
CP_3DF2PL                           3DFaces to polylines
CP_3DF2PFACE                    3DFaces to polyface mesh
CP_PFACE2PL                       Polyface mesh to polylines

More conversion
CP_BLKSHP2P                       Convert Blocks/Shapes/Text/Circle to Points
CP_P2BLKSHP                       Convert Points/Text/Circles to Blocks/Shapes
CP_0LEN2PNT                       Convert 0 Lengths to POINTs
CP_ATT2XD                           Attributes to Xdata

Polyline Types
CP_CH_H2L                           Heavy-Weight to Light-Weight
CP_CH_L2H                           Light-Weight to Heavy-Weight

CP_SCALE_Z                          Scale Z values
CP_BL2BE                              Change Properties ByLayer-to-ByEntity
CP_FLATTEN                          Flatten - Convert to 0.0 elevation


CP_IMPEX                              Import/Export points and lines
CP_MULTEXPORT                 Multiple drawing export in various formats
CP_3DF2DM                         Export 3dface objects into SMS 2DM file format
CP_IMPORT2DM                  Import 2DM files as 3dface objects


CP_CREATETAPER                Tapered lines
CP_SLOT                                                Slot
CP_HELIX                               Helix
CP_PARABOLA                     Parabola
CP_INVOLUTE                       Involute
CP_TUBE                                Tube
CP_TRUNCCONE                   Truncated Cone
CP_PERP                                Perpendicular lines
CP_DBOX                               Draw Rectangle with diagonals
CP_XLINES                             Projected(construction) lines
CP_TANCURVE                      Tangents to Curves

CAD Objects
CP_EASY3DPOINT                Easy 3dpoint
CP_EASY3DPOLY                  Easy 3dpolyline
CP_EASY3DFACE                  Easy 3dface

CP_ROUGHEN                       Roughen a Line

CP_DRAWPOLYINCDEC       Draw 3d polylines with auto.Elev increment/decrement
CP_BOXSCREEN                    Draw a rectangle box at the current screen extents
CP_BOUNDENT                     Draw bounding box around selected object(s)
CP_SORTEDPOLY                  Draw a polyline by joining points in sorted order
CP_SHOWPLARCS                Draw arc-ends to arc-center connections in arcs & polyarcs


CP_MOFFSETR                      Multiple Offset - Relative
CP_MOFFSETA                      Multiple Offset - Absolute
CP_CP_OFFSET                     Offset and delete original
CP_3DOFFSET                       Offset 3d polylines
CP_SEGOFFSET                     Offset single segment from polyline
CP_MVOFFSET                      Multiple Variable polyline segment offset

CP_CREATECENT                   Create centroid marks inside closed polygons
CP_MEASUREMANY             Measure multiple objects
CP_EXTRUDER                       Easy Solids Extruder
CP_JNE                                   Join nearest ends of lines, polylines

CP_CPROT                             Copy and then Rotate
CP_MVROT                            Move and then Rotate

CP_IDXYZ                               Label points
CP_VXLABEL                         Label polyline vertices
CP_SEGLABEL                       Label polyline segments
CP_ANGLABEL                      Label polyline Angles
CP_ANNOTATEENDS            Annotate ends of lines/polylines with symbols
CP_ANNOTPOINT S              Annotate points, based on layer names
CP_LENTEXT                          Create/update length annotation
CP_HNDLABEL                      Display object handles as text labels



CP_MOD_SHBL                    Globally Modify Block Properties
CP_REPBLK                            Replace Block
CP_XP_ATT                           Explode Block- Retain attributes as Text
CP_COMPAREBLKATTS       Compare Block attributes and create report
CP_CONNECTBLOCKS          Connect blocks based on attribute values
CP_MREDEFINE                     Multiple Redefine Blocks-Lyr/Clr
CP_EXPLODENESTED           Explode only nested blocks
CP_EXPLODE2LAYER           Explode blocks to a specified layer
CP_DRAWSEGBLOCKS         Place a block along each segment of the polyline
CP_MBLKTRIM                      Trim lines/polylines along intersecting blocks
CP_BLOCKINS                       Express Block Insert
CP_REPEATBLK                     Repeat Last Block Insert

CP_CP_ATTEDIT                    Global Attribute Editor
CP_CP_EASYATT                   Multiple-Choice attribute editor
CP_CP_EASYATT_SETUP     Multiple-Choice attribute editor Setup
CP_CP_EASYATTCLASS        Change block layers/color based on attribute values
CP_CP_ATTEXT                     Extract Block attributes to file
CP_PROP2ATT                      Transfer AutoCAD properties to Blocks Attributes
CP_TAGEXT                           Export Block Attribute Tags to ASCII file                         
CP_TAGREN                           Rename block attribute tags, prompts and defaults
CP_TAGDEL                           Delete block attribute tags from block definition
CP_ATTMOVE                       Move attribute
CP_ATTROTATE                    Rotate attribute
CP_ATTUPRIGHT                   Make attribute readable
CP_ATTXFER                          Transfer Attributes between blocks
CP_TXT2ATT                          Transfer Text strings to Block attributes

CP_ZOOMTXT                       Search and replace text/attributes
CP_BLKEDIT                           Edit blocks graphics and attribute properties independently
CP_DYNATTPLACE                Place Block - position attributes interactively
CP_SRCHBLK4TXT                                Search Blocks for text strings


CP_TC                                     Draw Quick Text (running numbers)
CP_CURVETEXT                     Create text along a curve
CP_EASYTEXT                        Create text aligned to a curve
CP_DATESTAMP                   Create Date/Drawing Stamp
CP_MT                                   Draw Multiple Text

CP_MODTXT                         Globally modify TEXT/MTEXT
CP_TXTFILTER                       Text Filter
CP_TXTROUND                     Round Off Numeric text
CP_ENCLOSE                         Enclose Text in Box
CP_CONS_TXT                      Consolidate Text into MText
CP_SPLITTEXT                       Split long text strings into individual strings
CP_UNCLUTTER                    Unclutter text objects
CP_TXTSLIDE                         Slide (move) text relative to its rotation angle
CP_TXT2FILE                         Write Text to File
CP_TXTEDIT                           Global Multiple Text Editor

CP_TXT2ATTDEF                   Convert text strings to attribute definitions
CP_ATTDEF2TXT                   Convert attribute definitions to text objects
CP_CHCASE                           Change Case

CP_ALIGNTEXT                      Align Text Objects
CP_ALIGNTEXT2LINE            Align Text Objects to a line
CP_TORIENT                          Text Orient: Make Text,MText readable
CP_UND_LINE                       Underline Text
CP_TXTEVAL                          Apply arithmetic/statistical operations on text objects
CP_DWGFONTS                    List Drawing Fonts

Extended Entity Data
CP_REMXD                            Remove Xdata
CP_XD_SEARCH                    Search and replace extended entity data
CP_SHOWXD                        Display extended entity data from picked object
CP_XD_EXTRACT                  Extract extended entity data to ASCII files
CP_OD_XD_LABEL               Create text labels from Object data / extended entity data
CP_NODATA                         Check for no Xdata / Object Data

File Management

CP_FILEMAN                         File Manager
CP_DWGBROWSER              DWG browser, with thumbnail previews
CP_BINDXREF                        Detaches all un-referenced XREFs and binds all others into current DWG
CP_BATCHPROCESS             Batch process multiple drawings with scripts
CP_MULTINS                         Multiple DWG Inserts
CP_MXREF                             Multiple drawings XREF

CP_LYRS2DWG                     Layers to DWG
CP_DWGSPLIT                      Split a drawing into smaller parts
CP_FILEESORT                       Sort ASCII files

CAD Procedures
CP_MATCH                            Match Properties
CP_OBJALIGN                       Align Objects
CP_XYZSCL                            Scale objects (unequally) in X, Y and Z directions
CP_MEANPOINT                   Create a mean (averaged) point from a cluster of points
CP_FLIPZ                                Flip (reverse) elevations(Z) from selected objects
CP_ROUNDOFF                     Round Off Values from points/lines
CP_HATCHBOUND               Re-Create Hatch boundaries from HATCH object
CP_XTRACT                           Extract from XREF
CP_XP_RETDAT                    Explode objects - Retain Object Table and extended entity data
CP_HATCHAREA                   Report on areas covered by HATCH objects
CP_FLIPARCS                        Flip ECS of arcs with negative normals
CP_CHOP                               Object Chopper
CP_AUTODIM                       Automatic Dimensioning
CP_FACENORMAL                Control 3dface Face Normals
CP_CONTBREAK                   Break(Split) objects along a polyline
CP_ZOOMENT                       Zoom to extent of selected object(s) (with 5% margin)
CP_DELETELAYOUTS            Delete paper-space layouts
CP_NULLTEXT                       Delete Null TEXT
CP_PURGEALL                      Purge All Unused Symbols
CP_SCALECLEAN                  Remove all unreferenced scales

CP_PLFILTER                         Polylines based on properties
CP_3DFFILTER                       3DFaces based on properties
CP_ESELECT                           Enhanced Entity Selector
CP_MAKESEL                        Build Selection Set
CP_FINDZRNG                       Find objects in selected Z range
CP_SL                                     Select Current Layer
CP_SS                                     Select Current Style
CP_LASTSEL                          Put last CADPower selection in 'previous' sel.set

CP_SURFAREA                      Compute Surface Area of 3DFACEs
CP_ANGLE                             Display angle between two lines
CP_CGRAV                             Compute Center of Gravity
CP_DWG_STAT                     Display Drawing Statistics
CP_PERIMTR                         Compute running distance/perimeter
CP_VISIT                                 Object Selection Browser
CP_Q                                      Quick elevation Info
CP_DXY                                  Enhanced DIST command

CP_LAYERMAN                     Layer Names Editor
CP_ISOD                                                Isolate layer(s)
CP_RESTORE                         Restore Isolated layer(s)
CP_SL_1                                                Save Layer State - 1
CP_SL_2                                                Save Layer State - 2
CP_SL_3                                                Save Layer State - 3
CP_RL_1                                                Restore Layer State - 1
CP_RL_2                                                Restore Layer State - 2
CP_RL_3                                                Restore Layer State - 3
CP_CCL                                  Change to current layer
CP_CPCL                                                Copy to current layer
CP_COPYLYR                         Copy layer contents to another layer




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