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Base maps from Google Earth and Utilities in Autocad

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03-13-2007 01:15 AM

We are a SOHO firm based in New Delhi India

We have a Proven capability in Developing Accurate Basemaps from Google
Earth or any Other Imagery supplied by you.

We will deliver Basemaps in Autocad at your required scale (KM., M, FT,

We will give software that will make a two way interaction and data
transfer between
Google Earth and Autocad.

We will supply maps that are ready to be Loaded in GPS units with approx 5
meter Accuracy.

We can also do Utilities like Water supply, Sewage and create Network
and Data ready for loading in EPANET, SWMM, LOO4 or any other format that
you specify.

We believe in Quality of work

We also do not believe in taking up work on "I WANTED IT YESTERDAY" basis.

Please contact

Dilip Damle

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Re: Base maps from Google Earth and Utilities in Autocad

03-16-2013 01:34 AM in reply to: *Dilip Damle

I need base map for Jeddah city only (Saudi Arabia)

can you send to me or send the procedur How can make the 

base map from google earth to use in autocad 2010


Thanks and regards





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Re: Base maps from Google Earth and Utilities in Autocad

03-28-2013 11:21 PM in reply to: *Dilip Damle


Hello Mohd,


Not quite exactly what you asked but related. We just released GeoTools V14 which has the ability to export DWG data with attached attributes to KML / KMZ file, which can be used in Google Earth/Map. You can even compress attached images alogn with schema and folder based feature classes and create a comprehensive KML.


More info:


Best Regards

Rakesh Rao




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